Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Henri Carpentier アンリ・シャルパンティエ : Macarons and Madeleines

I've never had quite a good deep impression of pastry shops that has outlets in nearly every department store. Some examples are Jucheim and Henri Carpentier. I feel that their mass-produced cakes lacked the consistency in quality and a kind of "X" factor (passion of a pastry chef? Maybe) as compared to individual-run pastry shops. 

For instance, the choux pastry of the St Honore Praline (573 yen) was too soggy. Besides the Crepe Suzette, they are also renowned for the Millefeuille (not in picture) but those are not as solid as Pierre Herme's.
Matcha Orange  (473 yen)

Lemon Souffle Pie (473 yen)
W Cheesecake ( Baked Cream Cheese, Rare Vanilla Mascarpone Cheese and Honey Maple)

But when it comes to macarons, I count their macarons as one of the best, including Lindt (sorry PH, Henri still wins) Those dainty bite-sized treats are so delicately crumbly, and you won't feel as if you are eating butter when you bite into the filling. Extra points for their creativity too. 
Black Beans & Matcha, Maple & Cheese, Ichigo, Jasmine and Cherries. 

Another item which I highly recommend is their financiers and madeleines. In the upcoming October, this patisserie that originated from Hyogo is going open its first overseas dessert salon at Dempsey Hill. Though I don't rank its pastries highly compared to the sea of outstanding patisseries in Japan, my intuitions suggest that this could possibly become very popular in Singapore, given the scarcity of excellent Japanese-French style pastries here

Henri Carpentier アンリ・シャルパンティエ
Outlets in all major department stores including Shinjuku and Ikebukuro

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