Monday, September 8, 2014

Omborato おんぼらあと: Anago Kaiseki

Hyatt Regency has three Japanese restaurants, two of which offers kaiseki courses. Kakou belongs to the fine dining style and the other is Omborato, which offers casual Japanese cuisine that does not compromise on quality. 
As with many other restaurants, lunch sets are always the best deals as one can enjoy high quality food at reasonable price. 
For example, the Anago Zen (3500 yen) is a summer multi-course meal that centers on my favourite Anago. I was so elated to try this course because I only had it either as sushi or donburi. Certainly not everything  was made with Anago but the components blended in harmony. 
Sweet Anago Terrine
This is like a French cold dish in which Anago Consommé Jelly and Anago are compressed into blocks. 
Tofu in Light Shoyu with grated ginger 
Gyu-Suji (Simmered Beef Tendon) 
Never expected this side dish to pack such a punch as one can taste the sweetness of the onions and mirin in the shredded beef that were enmeshed with chunks of konnyaku and soft onions. 
Anago Sushi in Two Style 
The one on the left with Sansho (peppercorn) is the traditional way of eating Anago while the one on the right is sprinkled with a dash of Salt. 
The Star of the Course: Anago brushed with sweet tare and arranged on shredded egg and sushi rice in a pretty huge lacquerbox. This was absolutely fantastic. The Anago was well-simmered, moist and  flavorful. 
The Special Chirashi Set  (¥4200 without tax) comes with at least 7 different types of fresh and sweet sashimi, tamago and kamaboko (fish paste). 
Although we usually say that sushi from convenience store or sushi conveyor belts are already very delicious, there IS still a difference in the vinegared rice. The rice of this Chirashi is so delectably light and sweeter than average sushi rice. It was so yummy that my Japanese table partner and I was joking how we could simply finish the rice alone with the pickles minus all the  luxurious ingredients. But it is without question that the sweet prawns, tamago and flying roe all helped to bring the dish to the next level. 
Dessert was light jelly and fruits, a perfect way to end the meal as we were getting too full. 
If you are in the Shinjuku area looking for excellent lunch option, Omborato is definitely one worth your investment. Regular lunch starts from ¥1800 for Seafood Don or Two-Way Sea Bream Don. To be honest, restaurants in hotels are not the first thing that comes to my mind when I travel but I've began to realize that there are many affordable hidden gems in 4 or 5-star hotels in Tokyo. 
Omborato おんぼらあと
Lunch 11.30am-2.30pm
Dinner 5.30pm-9pm
Special thanks to Miyakoshi san for your gracious hosting!

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