Gion Tsujiri 茶寮都路里 : [UPDATES] Matcha Takeaway Goodies

Looking for some quality matcha cookies but unable to go to Kyoto? The Tokyo Daimaru outlet of Gion Tsujiri also retails cookie snacks, candies and latte powder sachets which one can da-bao home to enjoy. Being a greedy person, I bought all the cookies but not candies since I don't fancy them. Most are used in their Parfaits. 
Matcha Genmai Senbei (thicker and studded with aromatic Genmai rice) 

Matcha Senbei (Plain thin green tea crackers) 
The Gion no Sato is the opposite of Tsujiri no Sato. For something less sweet, go for the former--green tea roll cookie with white chocolate cream. 

My favourite-Gion no Komachi
Box of Assorted Bitter Matcha Cookies.
Something exclusively available at the Skytree outlet is the waffle bowl parfait with a "Skytree" Spoon. Greedy me chose No.1, the version with all three kinds of soft-serve (Houjicha, Sencha and Matcha).
 It's a minimalistic take-away booth but you get a million dollar yen view while enjoying the parfait on the tartan seats located around the shop. 
Gion Tsujiri at Tokyo Sky Tree 
Solamachi 6F 11am-11pm
Summertime Matcha Treats
Posted 8th June 2014
Do you know that Tsujiri and Gion Tsujiri is two different green tea companies? Tsujiri Singapore belongs to Tsujiri 辻利, which has zero outlet in Tokyo but a few overseas outlets such as Taiwan. The one in Tokyo belongs to Gion Tsujiri, which has NO shops outside Japan. One can tell by the kanji; Gion Tsujiri is written as 都路里 while Tsujiri is written as 辻利.

The arrival of May signals the harvest of green tea leaves that has endured the harsh winter. They are known as Shincha, and is usually the most expensive batch of matcha.

Every year, it is a regular affair for Gion Tsujiri to serve Shincha Parfait that leverages on the freshness of tea leaves. Unlike other seasonal parfaits, it is only available during May.
Unlike other parfaits, this Shincha Parfait is dressed in all green

Tofu-like mousse cubes and warabi jelly. Gion Tsujiri's homemade matcha senbei chips (instead of cornflakes, thankfully), dark green shincha sherbet and homemade castella

Saving good things to the last, the bitter matcha cookie.
On my second visit...the Summer Parfait
I don't fancy sorbets or any sourish ice cream so I was a little worried about this Summer Edition that was made up of frozen yoghurt and matcha yoghurt. There was also more  fruits like bananas, mandarin oranges and cherries.
frozen yoghurt and matcha yoghurt
Fortunately, it did not make my face pucker. In fact, I was very happy to have ordered this because there was an overall zesty flavour that tamed the sweetness.

There was rather massive sour lemon sorbet iceberg at the base and when one digs it up and mixes everything together it becomes like kakigori (Japanese ice kachang).
The savoury selection is very limited and most go for the matcha soba. However, there are quite a few value-for-money sets that consists of main meal +  parfaits or parfaits+side dessert. For summer, consider the Kakigori to beat the heat.

Though the Tokyo Station outlet is the sole outlet left in Tokyo, the place offers a nice sky view overlooking the busy streets of Kyobashi while one lingers in the mood of Zen.

茶寮都路里 Saryo Tsujiri
Tokyo Daimaru Level 10
Nearest Station: Tokyo