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Paddington House of Pancakes: Eat Your Way Around the World

I thought I had better post this up before the new year clock strikes for 2014 because this visit was about 9 months ago. Paddington House of Pancakes is a franchise from Malaysia which serves variations of pancakes from all over the world. America, Austria, Russia, France, Holland etc. 
Iced Mocha
I thought the restaurant was quite ambitious to have a menu with more than 100 choices because how can a chef handle so many recipes? As the saying goes, Jack of All Trades, Master of None. Fortunately, not every but most of the food we had were good. 

The Alaska ($15) looks like fish and chips but with an addition of spicy mashed potato pancakes and creamy mushroom sauce. Needless to say, the spice is very mild but the texture is soft. The breaded golden cutlet is shatteringly crispy with a tender flesh.

The New York ($16) are sesame puffins with cheesy bacon omelette, gourmet sausages, gherkins, mozzarella and fries. Puffins are Paddington's original buckwheat pancake muffins. Lots of starchy goodness and the essential ingredients of a typical American burger have been included and upsized. As cosmopolitan as this creation may sound, it is best to share the calories with your dining partners. 

As you might have noticed, the dishes are all named after geographical locations. We had the Nice ($14), which is nice but not perfect. The wacky combination of not pork, but grilled chicken thigh with apples turned out to be a successful one, perhaps with some help from the creamy mushroom sauce. A little over-salted, but with the plain crepes by the side to corral the mess, it is still a satisfying finish.

However, the Paris ($18) was not trending the lead in the fashion food scene that night. According to my dining partner, the grilled mixed seafood in creamy tomato sauce tasted as though it came right out of the metal can. Indeed, the watery sauce put the pancakes in a rather pathetic situation and could not justify the price.

The Chicago ($14) was popular at our tables because the galette that is buried by the sliced chicken, fresh red chillis, button mushrooms, pineapples, smoky bbq sauce was as crispy as a paper prata but with a firmer structure. 

I thought the Classic Buckleberry ($13) was a weird combination of savoury omelette and two neutral buckleberry potato pancakes that were meant to be drizzled with maple syrup. Nonetheless, it was quite tasty and ideal for those who like to switch back and forth between the sweet and savoury. 

Skinny Dip Pancakes ($12) is a bowl of mini dollar coin-sized pancakes topped with an ice cream with 4 different kinds of dipping sauces; raspberry, peanut butter, toffee and banana. With the many pancakes establishments in Singapore, the pancakes here stood out from the crowd with its somehow fluffy, very tender texture. With a natural buttery fragrance, they can be enjoyed without over-soaking in the condiments.

Besides pancakes, there are also sides such as the wedges in cheese and bacon chips $8

There are both sweet and savoury pancake options, and everything seems to be served in huge portions. Large number of seats at the only branch, City Square Mall,  also makes this a perfect and comfortable location for huge group gathering. 

The toughest decision that one faces at this place is probably choosing what to have from the menu. 

Paddington House of Pancakes Singapore
City Square Mall 180 Kitchener Road
#02-3/36 Singapore 208539 [
Nearest MRT: Farrer Park (NE Line)]
Tel: 66129029
10.30am-10.30pm Daily

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  1. they charge for water

    1. i see. I didn't notice about this that day. Thanks for sharing.


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