Saturday, December 14, 2013

Toshi Yoroizuka 鎧塚 俊彦: The Grand Patissier with his Farm

I finally made my way to Toshi Yoruizuka's shop to polish off the desserts by myself. It's one of the rare places where desserts are given 100% attention and they are prepared ala minute. 
Besides being entertained by the chefs who were very composed at dealing with the mounting number of orders, you can also observed how the Japanese guests (or ladies) exclaimed "Oishii~~Oishii" which is an amusing contrast to their somewhat prim and proper image when they are not eating.  
A complementary Pumpkin Sweet Potato raisin soup was served. It was chilled and unsweetened, allowing the natural taste to come forth at full strength. 
This chef was preparing Coupe Nagano Purple, a champagne parfait made with Nagano grapes. (wished they were all mine too~)Perhaps riding onto the pancake craze in Tokyo, Chef Toshi has also come out with a new creation-Soufflé a la Toshi (¥1200) that transports one to tropical islands with pineapples, coconuts and macademia nuts. 
The soufflé pancake is not as fluffy like a real souffle or does not rise as tall as the version from Hoshino Coffee, but it was moist and eggy. The caramelized pineapples were surprisingly sour but served as to balance off the strong coconut ice cream and gooey (maple) caramel sauce. 
Besides the soufflé, I really enjoyed the Millefeuille aux Figues (¥1200) though the sour cassis ice cream attacked without warning and made my face cringe. Together with the red wine jelly, the ice cream went in harmony with the crunchy and airy puff pastry.
Looks like a mess, tastes like a dream

Apart from this shop, Chef Toshi Yoruizuka also owns three other shops in Tokyo, one of which is called Yoruizuka Farm. The concept there is slightly different, as all the cakes sold at Yoruizuka Farm are made with seasonal produce harvested from his own farm in Tokyo suburbs and also from contracted farmers. 

Yes, this chef is so busy but yet he has another Cacao Farm in Ecuador. Besides this Shinshu waffles made with rice wine, I also had the Miso and Gorgonzola Cookies (須坂五つ蔵味噌&ゴルゴンゾーラ) and Spinach Financiers 2 years ago.
Teizui 禎瑞 (¥441) is one of the cakes from Yoruizuka Farm Tokyo (not available at this Midtown outlet). Not matcha, not pistachio, but it is made from Seaweed produced from Ehime Prefecture. The texture is not exactly the fluffiest Japanese roll cakes but it's rustic taste stands out from the crowd. Besides the dessert eat-in area, there is also a cake and retail area selling individual gateaux, baked goods and ice cream. One can order the cakes from the retail section and dine in but extra charges apply as after all, many people flocked all the way here for the ala minute desserts. Limited seats and long preparation time leads to long queues especially on weekends. So come early before they open or join the queue.

Toshi Yoruizuka 鎧塚 俊彦
Tokyo Midtown East 1F B-0104
(Nearest Station: Roppongi)
9-7-2 Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo 107-0052
Tel: 03-5413-3650 (No reservations on weekends and holidays)
Daily 11am-10pm (Retail closes at 9pm)

Yoruizuka Farm Tokyo
Shibuya Hikarie ShinQs B2F (Nearest Station: Shibuya)
Daily 10am-9pm
Takeout Only
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