Friday, December 13, 2013

Ootoya Singapore 大戸屋

Despite dining at Ootoya a few times, I never knew that this casual family dining restaurant actually has made a significant presence in Japan since its first shop at Ikebukuro in 1958. Initially, it was called “大戸屋食堂” (Ootoya Shokudo), meaning canteen, and is widely known for its slogan “全品50円均一” (all items at 50 Yen)! ! very cheap!Mini Curry Udon ($9)
In Japan, the menu indicates calories which can be useful for the health conscious but boo-boo for those who prefer to escape from reality and enjoy the food. For some reason, the menu here does not indicate any.

It might take some people a lot of courage to try this  ばくだん小鉢 (Bakudan Kobachi)-$7 simply because not everyone is fond of sticky stuff, and this particular appetizer is the ultimate conconction of the nightmarish ingredients-raw egg, natto, grated yam, lady fingers, raw meguro(tuna). But to me, spotting this on the menu was like rekindle old lover's flame with my natto.No complicated rules go into enjoying this. Simply whizz everything with splashes of shoyu and enjoy each morsel of sticky mess.  Not sure if there is any link but爆弾-a bomb, is also pronounced as bakudan! So this is really a BOMB!The ebi katsu set ($19/$14.50 ala carte) served with choice of white/multi-grain rice is also very tasty and now I know why it is a perennial favourite of my friend. Each deep-fried breaded piece had a crisp, fine golden coating that combines beautifully with the bouncy shrimp inside. 

Tori Sauce Don with Kimuchi $14.50
However, the chicken version was slightly greasy and blubbery, perhaps because the chicken skin was not fully removed. But as long as the sweet smoky tonkatsu sauce is there, it is difficult to resist another bite.Tori Ankake ($14 ala carte/ $17 set) tasted like a mui fan (rice with gravy). Sumiyaki Chicken Don $11.50As for the desserts, we nearly ordered everything as there was a 1-for-1 happy hour promotion during weekdays. The egg pudding was firm but had a winning caramel sauce that lingered long in the memory.Green Tea Ice Cream in Soya Milk Syrup ($4.50++). Red beans, soy milk and rice dumplingsMatcha Mousse with red bean, rice dumpling and milk ice cream.
My favourite was Soymilk Blancmange parfait $6: slightly firmed tau hway (soymilk pudding), whipped cream, red bean, banana and green tea ice cream. This is definitely not as grand as the towering parfaits but exudes a simple allure with soy beans.Kokutou (Dark Brown Sugar) Parfait $7a layer of coffee ice cream and creamy brown sugar mousse sandwiched with egg castella sponge cake.  Banana lovers will like the parfaits here because all the variations here use banana…… plus raspberry (albeit frozen ones)
Nice family ambience with budget Japanese food. However, the place looks understaffed even on a weekday night. Now that I’ve discovered more about the history of this outlet, I hope to try out the first branch at Ikebukuro one day.
Ootoya 大戸屋
181 Orchard Road #08-12 Orchard Central Singapore 238896
Tel: 6884 8901
12pm–9.30pm (Daily) 
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  1. The menu here used to indicate the calories. Not anymore. :P

    1. yeah i wondered what happened. maybe they received some other feedback to take it off

  2. I wanna try the Bakudan Kobachi one day!


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