Thursday, December 19, 2013

Le Petit Mec Tokyo ル・プチメック 東京 : French Bakery from Kyoto in Tokyo

Take a step into this shop and you may think that you are in France as French radio is broadcasted LIVE in the background and all the pastries are authentically French looking. The only sign that gives it away is the label tag written in Japanese. Le Petit Mec Tokyo is a popular shop from Imadegawa, Kyoto that has opened since 1998. It's run by Chef-owner Itsunari Nishiyama and is not affiliated to any bakeries in France. Canelle カネル¥210 
It's simply described as a cinnamon bread, but the structure and taste is definitely more than that. It was super crispy with moist almond filling inside and the cinnamon was not too overwhelming.
The base of Canelle--beautifully baked swirls
A highly popular item as I observed that many people picked it on their trays. You can request it to be warmed up as I did. Don't you think it look like a snail? 
Seasonal Sweet Danish Pastries: Caramel Banana, Pear, Pineapple, Cherries.
 Croissant ala Creme ¥210 (filled with custard cream and whipped cream) 
This looks deliciously airy and crisp but unfortunately the pastry layers had become stale, possibly due to sitting in the chiller for some time. So perhaps it is still safer to stick to croissants that are rested in dry room temperature. 
Only 5 eat-in seats so most people takeaway the pastries and sandwiches
Aubergine ¥290 (なすのデニシューオリーブ油焼いたてナス、ドライトマト、バシル、モッズレラチーズです)
There was the other mushroom version-Champignons but ended up choosing eggplant. A very greasy danish due to the double effect of cheese and olive oil but the cheese was surprisingly not too salty. some may find the eggplant bland because the chunks were too thick. Couldn't see nor taste any dried tomatoes and basil though. 
Savoury Selections
No cakes but only room temperature tarts
リンゴタルト・フィン Apple Tart Fine
Catching such traditional form of thin French apple tarts in Tokyo is quite rare so I ditched the more usual prune/cherry tarts and bought this at 315. I guess it was a good buy for it was indeed a fine Tarte Pomme! 
Only when I bite into this did I realize that the number of sliced apples were more than expected based on its looks. The middle almond cream layer seems to have worked as a defensive barrier to protect the base from turning wet. 
Something that caught attention is this Marron Pie that looks least like one.
This round, heavy pastry is actually made of one whole unpeeled chestnut and almond cream wrapped in puff pastry. Very crunchy and significantly less sweet than the apple pie.
Signature Item: Kouglof (Large Size for 1050 yen) 
Classic French Bread
Price range is about the same, if not slightly more affordable than Gontran Cherrier. But the selection is less diverse and they opened quite late at 11am as a bakery. Nonetheless, another bakery worth visiting at the heart of Shinjuku.

Le Petit Mec Tokyo ル・プチメック 東京
Shinjuku Marui Building 1F
3-30-13 Shinjuku Tokyo 160-0022
11am-9pm daily

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