SKOOL Kitchen: Where the Food is Touched by Flames (Bali)

One of my fav meals this trip was here where the food were blessed by fire. Thanks to the awesome recommendation by @peilinsensei who said that this place reminded her of burnt ends but at a fraction of the price 😱. Boy how can I afford to give this a miss right? Many right decisions such as the hay-smoked kingfish tartare with seaweed lime - intensely savoury but balanced by tangy creme fraiche. 
The star of the dinner - Argentinian red prawns basked in a red glory of smoked paprika by butter. The heat is muted but the aroma quadrupled, coupled by the sweetness of that fresh crustacean.
Sticky charred octopus in smoked tomatoes and shallots that tasted like mildly sweetened sambal 🐙 E found it too soft but the texture was just right for me.
Who would have expect the charred cauliflower here to mark the start of many cauliflower dishes we have for the rest of the trip 😅 that said, the dish here set a high bar for the other "copycats" that follow. Red miso + bonito flakes? That's quite a bold layer of flavors, still, not as memorable and mesmerizing as the one from Artichoke.
Desserts to be updated soon!

SKOOL Kitchen