Brunch at Artichoke 2022 : 3rd visit and counting

The meal that made me look forward to last weekend.

Last visited Artichoke years back and returned on a recent Saturday, only to be pleasantly surprised with a menu that has just been revamped -- 80% are new dishes. For instance, the mushroom babaganoush (pic right, smoked eggplant, 7-spice, chilli) is latest member to the Mezze section. So was the Fish Pastirma (pic left), a cured kingfish dish, which was decent but not as memorable as the babaganoush which kept our hands mopping up the sauce with the Turkish bread.

I was glad to know that the fried cauliflower (pic left) and jewelled hummus (pic right) are still mainstays on the menu. Strongly urge u to get these two, esp the fried cauliflower cos it is probably the best version u ever tasted. The menu described it as golden raisin, cashews, rocket leaf, corn but there is definitely more than just these. Not sure what's that magical sauce but that's the thing that make this dish a success. We secretly observed that almost every table ordered this.  

For the mains, we had the Saj Tava ($38, pic right) -- Angus beef cubes served in a bubbling pool of delicious red mess and a spice-heavy chicken kebab ($26, pic left) served with a moreish toum garlic whip. Not sure if it was because the meat sat long in the hot stone, it turned out slightly overcooked. We prefer the chicken kebab, which was a standout in the league of kebabs. It was juicy and extremely aromatic.

The black sesame pie ($25) sounded better than it actually tasted as the sour cherries seemed somewhat at odds with the gritty black sesame component. Perhaps I should have ordered the date pudding that many raved. Overall, the flavors here are generally strong with a heavy dependency on spices. If you are adventurous and game for non-conventional western/middle eastern dishes, you will be in for a treat at Artichoke.

Service was quick on a busy Saturday and we noticed that they took the effort to clean and disinfect the baby chair before bringing it to us 👍 This was the 3rd visit and definitely won't be the last.

Budget: $40 per pax

161 Middle Rd, Singapore 188978