Eminami : Halal Vietnamese Food at Old Changi Hawker Center

The joy of chancing upon good food at unexpected places. That's the feeling after we dig into hearty Beef Pho, Beef Baguette and Broken Rice from Emina. According to Mothership's report, the stall is opened by a Emina Abdullah, a Vietnamese-born Muslim in June 2021. Good thing is that it is still operated by her with her husband's help

The food is as authentic as it gets. The soothing beef pho ($6) is not overly salty and yet robust enough that makes you want to slurp it all up. There isn't much meat but you get a variety of beef slices, meatballs and braised beef tendon. And this is not always the case for other vietnamese eateries in Singapore.
We had the Com tam, or grilled chicken with broken rice($5) -- something which we rarely order. It comes with a tamagoyaki like egg terrine slice, salted vegetables, pickled carrots, cucumbers and slices of grilled chicken. The chicken is aromatic and flavorful so you don't really miss the sauce which can overpower the dish. 
Lastly, I wanted the Beef Baguette ($5) because I was craving for sandwich. And it was fantastic. Juicy beef with tangy sweet sour sauce, coriander, pickles made this a winner. For the price, this is definitely more value for money than the popular long queue Bahn Mi Saigon in AMK. 

P.s. they are on delivery platforms as we saw many delivery orders on the tables.

51 Old Airport Road #01-47
9am-6pm Mon-Sat (Closed Sundays)