Nanbantei Japanese: Yakitori Food Delivery

I ordered some bentos and yakitori for Father's Day via Oddle Eats and that was when I realized these skewers do not come cheap compared to if you had it in a Japanese izakaya. Perhaps given the close 40 years of history and the good reviews on Google, I expected the food to be tasty. Unfortunately, they were mediocre and tasted not quite different from Ichiban Boshi or Sushi Tei. For the yakitori, we tried the Party Tray A (Negima, Tsukune, Tebasaki) and they were slightly dry. Would prefer the skewers to have more tare (glazing sauce)  

(Above)Wagyu Kushiyaki Bento 和牛串焼き弁当 (Wagyu hamburger amiyaki, wagyu tongue, wagyu kushiyaki & shiitake mushroom) - ($31)  Ironically, the best tasting item that day was the beef and not chicken. The hamburger amiyaki was juicy and flavorful. So was the wagyu tongue which we hadn't had for ages! Pricy, if you compare this to the Signature Yakitori Bento ($18) - Rice and veggie sticks are the same as what you get in the wagyu bento but you get to try the signature items.

Food is overpriced and would not recommend this if you are craving for yakitori. 



  1. Was about to order from them and saw this. Thanks for sharing!


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