Craft Tea Fox - Matcha Latte and Hojicha Latte with Worldwide Shipping

Craving for some good latte fix? I'm happy to learn about Craft Tea Fox, a homegrown Singapore brand that brews one of the best lattes I've had in Singapore. The tea lattes are produced using the traditional whisk method, which helps to create a smooth texture without any clumpy tea particles. They also pride themselves on going low on the sugar content. Both matcha and hojicha latte were sweet but not overly so, treading a fine balance between bitter and sweet. 
Interestingly, the lattes have a long shelf life of up to 6 weeks and the only ingredients apart from tea powder, milk, sugar is Potassium Sorbate and some "natural stabilizers". The folks also go green by using recyclable bottles. Yay to plastic-free! 

Verdict: Highly recommend this for any latte lovers. Get both flavors. 
Price: $6.90/ bottle of 250ml (oat-milk version available)
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