Yoku Moku ヨックモック Blue Brick Lounge Aoyama Tokyo

I’ve never had the motivation to visit this place until recently when I spotted its seasonal menu that looked potentially good. Matcha fondant is a dessert of the yesteryears but this cigare specialty store still had the guts to serve it. In fact, it had done a brilliant job with the entire concept. Who says plated desserts have to be deconstructed in an avant-Garde style and leave us feeling empty after that? 

モワルーショコラ 抹茶仕立て

Thankfully this was totally not the case. Everything was in the way they should be. You can tell a cake’s a cake and an ice cream is an ice cream. 

The perfectly matcha circles painted in the background were the key that transformed the dish, as if it was done with the masterful strokes of Picasso. The wobbly blobs of matcha bavaroise was barely sweetened but it wasn’t too bitter as well. 

Together with the yuzu sherbet, the matcha bavaroise toned down the sweetness from the matcha fondant cake. The matcha ice cream itself was already good on its own and I wiped it clean first. 

桜のクレームブリュレ Sakura Creme Brulee

However, the Sakura Creme Brûlée Parfait was a sorry situation as the centerpiece was terribly sweet, not salvaged in any case by the meringue sticks. Nonetheless it wasn’t a wasted trip as the matcha dessert saved the day and at least now that I’ve finally know how it feels like to dine at this famous Blue House eh nope, Blue Brick Lounge, that have been widely written and reviewed. 

Yoku Moku Blue House 
Lounge 10am-11pm (Shop till 7pm)
南青山5-3-3 東京都港区 107-0062
Nearest station: Omotesando