L’ Epicurien レピキュリアン : One of the Oldest Patisserie in Kichijoji

How old is old? 10? 20? 50? Or 100?

Well, this little quaint patisserie is often reported as one of the oldest patisseries in Kichijoji despite being opened only in 1996. 22 years doesn’t seem like a long span for a shop if we compare it to those historical establishments that boast a good hundred years or above.

However, in terms of patisseries, I think it can be considered one of the earliest pioneers as the boom of French pastries only took off from 2000s. If age is not a good sign, the retro interior and the type of pastry selections will tell you all. Unlike most patisseries that offer sophisticated or colorful petit gateaus that will attract your attention, the cakes here are mostly classic and conservative French pastries. Next to the display chiller is an area where all the baked pastries such as apple turnovers, constellation tarts...who still bakes and even sells constellation tarts these days?

To be honest nothing attracted me but we decided to try the signature chibourst tart, wishing that it would change our first impression of this place but it didn’t.  It was as sweet as any other chibourst and did not have any memorable factor. The other coconut mousse cake fade into the background too.

However, the dark knight of the day was the humble apple filo pastry. Crisp, flaky and pleasantly complemented with raisins and custard. Good to know that this is another patisserie where dine-in is available but seats are cramped and the cakes won't probably convince you to come back again.

L'Epicurien レピキュリアン
Tel 0422-46-6288
Closed on Wed