ESqUISSE Tokyo : Sweets Selection by Asia's Best Pastry Chef 2017

Some people are good at studying but they may not be good at teaching. Some chefs may be good at doing plated desserts but not petit entremets. I haven't try the plated desserts by Asia's Best Pastry Chef 2017 Chef Narita of 2-Michelin star Esquisse Cinq, but I must say that the individual sweets are underwhelming.

Housed in the ultra posh Tokyu Plaza Ginza, ESquiSSE is an atas French restaurant that has a takeaway booth for its petit cakes and breads. Dine-in is only strictly for plated desserts so takeaway can be troublesome. But fortunately Ginza 6 is smart at playing the marketing game. Shoppers can "dabao" food and enjoy them with a panoramic view of Ginza on the Kiriko Lounge 6F.

We deliberated amongst the small and expensive cakes before settling on 5. Papillote (\800) has the most unique design as it is shaped like a gift made of chocolate. It was difficult to "untie" the present (maybe it wasn't meant to be untied) and the Tiramisu cake hidden inside was mediocre. The Mont Blanc looked promising but the meringue was too hard to crack. The Fraisier was pretty but boring and too sweet. Armagnac caught my interest as very few chefs would openly sit a mousse dome on a mixed nut base in this manner. The bitter caramel mousse pairs beautifully with the orange creameux but I would love the base to be slightly crunchier.

My favorite, turned out to be the dark horse--Riz Au Lait (\650) which is an oriental spin from the classic rice pudding with dust of Matcha. It was the least sweetest of all and I always have a weakness for things with a pleasant, light milky aroma. But for an award winning chef, I would be expecting for creative and bold creations. Currently these lean on the conservative side and I would gladly invest elsewhere.

Tokyu Plaza Ginza 4F
5-2-1 Ginza  Chuo-ku

Mont Blanc

Riz Au Lait