Anywhere Door : Avoid these Scary Photogenic Sweets

Doesn't this remind you of Doraemon's most popular gadget that can transport the user to the place they desire?

But in Tokyo, it is the name of a shop that sells colorful cone shots in the backyard of Harajuku. Ordering is simple. Choose a basic type of chocolate coated cone and match it with your preferred drink, be it latte or hot chocolate  (380 yen). The colorful display of cone shots at the counter is certainly very instagram-worthy and you may spend a long time thinking of what combo you like to have. 

Having a soft spot for limited edition flavors, we went for the summer special matcha fru-bet paired with raspberry chocolate cone. I had no idea why it was called fru-bet but my wild guess is they are trying to make it like a light sorbet when it tasted more like a matcha latte ice cream rather than a sorbet. The cone shot was disappointinly NOT crunchy at all and tasted like "lou feng" wafer cone. We found it even more troublesome to eat then a normal drumstick ice cream but I imagined it could be worse if we ordered the usual cone shot filled with hot latte. The base was a solid chocolate that is similar to what you find at the end of a typical ice cream drumstick but the chocolate was so thick and clumsy my friend gave up eating that part. 

But the "Melt Tiramisu" did not fare any better. It wasn't a tiramisu to start with, but a cone filled with cream and nothing else. I loved the texture of the cream, rich and velvety but the entire thing was too sweet to handle. Both the Matcha and Houjicha were exceedingly sweet but the Hojicha is worse because the cone was coated with white chocolate (dark chocolate for the Matcha version). 

I finally understood why there was barely any customer when I visited on a Sunday afternoon. Had expected a line of youngsters queuing up. Since my last visit, it had been launching more photogenic or colorful desserts like the cotton candy cloud but I am doubtful that they boast any true substance in taste.

Better to enter the door of any conbini store rather than this "anywhere door". 

東京都 渋谷区神宮前3-27-15 FLAG 1A