Tampopo Singapore : More than Just Black Pig Ramen

Salmon Crab Roll ($14.80)
Thanks to the Kyoto Fair held some time ago, I had the opportunity to relish my Japanese cravings at Tampopo again. It's not as cheap as Waraku but it promises better quality and wider variety of dishes than similar family restaurants such as Ootoya. Having been to this place for Nth times, the food is still as delicious as I remember. 
The 黒豚トリフチャーハン Black Pig Truffled Fried Rice ($18.80) has a relatively starchy texture compared to usual Chinese fried rice as Japanese short-grained pearl rice is used. Perfumed with the umami fragrance in a good way that complemented the flavors of the pork, this ugly but tasty dish is a rare gem amidst the zenith of wayward uses of truffle these days. 
The Grilled scallops with Mentaiko Cheese Sauce ($12.80) is the kind of cheesy comfort food that would heal any depressive feelings but it would be perfect if they can use the fresh plump white scallops instead of the red ones. 

One of the most delicious unagi you can find in Singapore.
Mentaiko Tonkatsu (set with rice and pork miso soup $23.30/ala carte $19)
Tonkatsu is one of the signatures at Tampopo besides its Black Pig Ramen. This is actually better than Saboten as the cutlet is tender, juicy and not too dry. Plus, with the presence of mentaiko, one won't miss the sweet tonkatsu sauce.

Skip the new Tampopo Poke Salad ($13.80) and the Matcha Parfait ($8.50). The chunky lettuces and raw sashimi cubes were two separate entities that did not bond well with each other. For the latter, it tasted like cheap ingredients pieced casually together. 
I'm also having reservations about their signature scoop cake ($7). Perhaps having sat in the fridge for the entire day, the cake and the cream were stale and dry. But still I have good faith in their chiffon cakes at Dulcet Studio and will return to try them. 
Nonetheless, you can stake your bets on these three ice cream items. I'm deeply in love with this smooth Black Sesame ice cream ($3) that bursts of intense earthy flavour. The cylindrical-shaped Matcha and Chocolate Ice Cream ($5.50 each) must have been loaded with bags of matcha and cacao powder because they are so rich yet not overly sweet. Light, wonderful endings to a good meal with good company.

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