Tampopo Singapore Kyoto Fair till 11 Feb 2015

To say the food here is AMAZING is an understatement.
My (and even my family) favorite Japanese restaurant in Singapore has launched their FIRST Kyoto fair featuring the award-winning KYOTO BEEF that has done its ancestors proud by clinching the TOP prize at the 61st Kinki Tokai Hokuriku Union Beef Cattle Kyoshin Association in 2014. 

Really? Kyoto Beef? How good can it be when it's not even one of the Top 3 Wagyu Beef in Japan? Yes, I had those questions in mind too but when I had a bite of the Kyoto Beef, I nearly wanted to flip the tables. (Just kidding) Trust me, this breed of cow is just as elite as the vegetables and tofu produce from Kyoto.
Wagyu purists might disagree but I do not care. This is definitely my ideal cattle because of the regular marbling of fats make this a balanced cut that is tender yet not too fatty. Kobe beef felt like swallowing a whole chunk of butter and I couldn't proceed after one. But not for this. 
The one-week Kyoto fair is run by Okamoto san, an experienced chef with a restaurant in Kyoto. ALL ingredients, from the pickles in the appetizers to the strawberries in dessert are all imported from Kyoto. 
There is ala carte menu but the lunch/dinner course is much more highly recommended for the full quality experience. The price ranges from $28 to $100, which is jaw-droppingly reasonable for the excellent standards of the meal. Here is the recap of what the meal: 

5 kinds of Obanzai appetizers--Spinach with Tofu, Carrot Kakiage, Pickled Pink Ginger, Burdock Roots, Raw Tofu
Fresh Kyo-Yuba with Uni 
Main Course for the Gion Set ($28) Kyoto Beef in Kyoto Negi (Leeks) and Tofu Pot This tasted like a very robust sukiyaki but yet sweet! I could pour the broth over a bowl of rice and just finish everything. 
Main Course for Miyabi Set ($58) Stone Grilled Kyoto Beef A5 Tenderloin 
For dinner, the course (2 options $78/$100) is more extravagant and it comes with the following additional items: 
Fresh Gluten Cake with Miso 
Sashimi Mix (Chutoro 2pcs, Tai 2pcs, Hamachi 1 pc) 
Main Course - Kyoto Beef A5 Kyoto Soy Milk Shabu Shabu (or the above Stone Grilled A5 Tenderloin shown in Lunch Miyabi Set) 
Fresh Kyo-Yuba and Kinoko Ankake with Rice きのこと湯葉のあんかけ御 (Only for Dinner Miyabi $100) 
Everyone, even my non-rice lover friend, was swooning for this Japanese "Mui fan".  Every set comes with rice, miso soup, Kyoto Tsukemono (pickles) and dessert 
But that's not the end. The dessert brought the Kyoto meal to another climax. Matcha Fondue. Yes, dark green liquid served WARM with Kyoto Strawberries, Warabi Mochi, Matcha Cake and Shiratama Dango. This was so ridiculously good that I licked my fondue cup clean. Blissful. 
The beef, the tofu, the matcha. Every ingredient played their respective role in he course. Looks like this meal has set a high standard for 2015 and honestly speaking, it's difficult to find another place in Singapore that can beat this in terms of value and quality. 

Lunch Gion $28/ Miyabi $58
Dinner Gion $78/ Miyabi $100

177 River Valley Road, #01-23/24, Liang Court
Mon-Sat 11.30am-10.30pm
Sun 11am-10.30pm
Tel: 6338-3186
Menu on https://www.facebook.com/TPPSG
Note that menu at Tampopo Liang Court and Tampopo Grand Takashimaya may vary slightly. 


  1. This place is always so crowded...I guess the quality and value for money is their attraction. Surprisingly I have not dine here. I don't like to wait to queue for my food haha.

    1. Eh? Actually I haven't had to queue before at this place when I visit. Usually I go with family during Sunday evenings. Hehe...maybe u can try your luck again? Should be quite alright I think :)


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