Mouth Restaurant: CNY Dinner 2015

Back to the time of the year when I tagged along with the Folks to their corporate dinner held at Mouth Restaurant. 9 courses, including 2 desserts and 1 Salmon Yusheng. The 3-hour long dinner made me realized 3 things.

First, I don't have to eat my words for saying that the food is good as they are really good, some dishes in fact better than the ones I had during my previous visit.  
Second, the service is good and speedy, considering the fact that the kitchen had to prepare for 23 tables at the SAME time. Imagine how crazy and hectic the kitchen must had been!
Third, Mouth Restaurant is really an affordable venue to host company dinners, weddings and other events. 10% service charge is absorbed for corporate dinner like this and the Yusheng is complementary. It can fit 23 tables and even housed an entertainment karaoke system for diners to sing their hearts out along with the food.

Food. Service. Price. Mouth Restaurant ticked all the right boxes. Here is a quick run through of what dishes we had after the messy but necessary Lo-hei ritual.
The Buddha Over The Wall was very nourishing brew that contained all the wholesome "料” including fish maw, sharks fin, sea cucumber, mushrooms, 8-head abalone, etc. Premium ingredients aside, I truly enjoyed every sip of the light yet flavorful chicken broth that encapsulated the subtle sweetness from dried scallops. 
The Sautéed Prawn with Chardonnay Sauce was not only a favorite dish of the kids but also the adults at the table. The fresh springy prawns were coated and deep-fried in just the right amount of batter though the taste of Chardonnay remained iffy. Perhaps due to tight constraints of the kitchen, the Crispy Roasted Duck with Plum Sauce could have been roasted for a longer time for the ideally crispy crackling. 
The Phoenix Peacock Soon Hock Fish was an auspicious dish that signified rebirth and a brand new life. But beneath the dramatic golden fan made of deep fried egg white was solid and fresh Soon Hock fish. What made the dish addictive was the scattered bits of fried batter that were semi-soaked in the special blended sauce.
This was undeniably delicious but my heart would always be with the San-Bei Tiger Garoupa, another spectacular fish served at Mouth Restaurant. That, is hard to beat. 
But that said, there are dishes worth ordering again. The wok-hei is excellent in the Seafood Fried Rice with XO sauce. One spoonful of the fragrant and fluffy grains would entice you to take subsequent servings despite being 90% full already. There is heat of course, from the sporadic slices of dried chilli, but they will not blow any heads off.

The Stir Fry Broccoli with Wild Mushrooms and Truffle was a funky umami bomb, dealt with the confident hand of the chefs as the flower heads were cooked to the right tenderness.
Finally the long-awaited desserts arrived. The Sweet Potato Cream served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, stood apart from the usual jelly or traditional desserts served at most Chinese restaurants. In fact, the only sweetness came from the ice cream, making this a hit with many elderly folks and ladies. 
And last but not least, the Legendary Liu Sha Bao!!!! These golden babies were as tasty and deadly sinful as I remembered, though they seemed to have shrunk a little in size. But this was not a problem as I had two. 

Two transcendent moments in less than 5 minutes 

Double happiness.
Mouth Restaurant
22 Cross Street #01-61 
China Square Central South Bridge Court Shop House
Singapore 048421
Weekday: 1130am -3pm, 6pm - 10pm
Weekend & PH: 10am - 10pm


  1. Legendary Liu Sha Bao!!!! I am great your family likes the food there too.

    1. Hahaha yes everyone loved that bao alot. It was the first time for many uncle and aunties to eat a salted egg yolk custard bun but I think they will find it difficult to get a better one than this now.

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