Teo Chew Street Bak Chor Mee

Do you like Bak Chor Mee? I enjoy the dry meepok version with lots of chilli and black vinegar. I don't remember queuing at least 25min for a bowl (except for Tai Hwa) and I guess this stall has broken the record. 

Why the queue? Because the uncle prepares bowl by bowl, from boiling noodles to the meat. And after each bowl, he cleans his working table with the super water jet hose. His wife takes the order. Watch the uncle in action on ieatishootipost. Prawns and wanton dumplings which used to be available were missing from our bowls.

So speaking of the taste, it is lighter, less salty or sourish than most outside. It could be  personal preference but I think more splashes of vinegar and chilli would do some magic. The folks find that both the mee pok (thin yellow noddles) were undercooked--perhaps due to the rush in cooking, but the springy bite suit my liking.

The best part of bak chor mee I look forward to is always the pieces of crispy flat solefish 扁鱼 and pork lard that impart fragrance to the noodles.
So conclusion, is it worth the queue? Yes if you have time. If not, I think you may want to skip it and go to other places.

Chinatown Complex Food Centre #02-23
12.30pm-9pm Daily except Mon and Tues

Encore: 美食番外篇

Hits 赞: Qing Qiao Hainanese Laksa (Unit#02-008)

On that day, the folk ordered from this shop which surprisingly tasted very yummy. The laksa gravy is rich, pungent and perhaps can rival the famous Katong laksa. Not sure what a Hainanese laksa should taste like but the one here won't leave you disappointed.

If you google for this stall, you won't get much results but more about another laksa stall "Terry Katong Laksa" which serves a healthy no-msg laksa . I haven't try Terry's version yet but for now, I am contented to uncover another rare gem at this hawker.
Misses: Shanghai Chee Cheong Fun Stall (Unit#02-174)

The factory-made skin turned out to be dry and the average homemade sauce did not help much. Save your stomach for other food.