Mouth Restaurant : Dim Sum

Mouth Restaurant has revamped their menu since last year and the new items are reinterpretations of traditional dim sum. The Family went to its newly opened branch at Plaza Singapura during a weekend high tea session from 3-5pm but sadly, many items like the squid ink bun and their signature Xiao long Bao were not available.

The Rainbow Har Gao in 6 (top pic-$9.80) mimics the concept of multi-flavor Xiao long Bao. The skin was of the right thickness but the individual flavor of shrimp meat was not distinctive as its pork counterpart in XLB.

Do not mistaken this Squid Ink Seafood Soup 7.80 for herbal jelly.
The base is a egg white custard, topped with a thick soup that is rich and tasty.

The best thing I can remember is their Baked salted Egg Yolk (3 for $5) Unlike typical steamed bun, the mildly sweetened outer crust is crisp like a HK-style Bo Lo Bun, that released viscous and creamy golden lava.

Though some might find it to be much more greasy than usual kind, but who will say no to custard buns?:)

The Sweet Potato Roll $3.60 and Tako Cheese Croquette $4.80 sounded special but turned out to be dry, starchy and pedestrian.

Instead of the usual Chee cheong fun, we ordered the XO-style Pan Fried version with prawn and charshu $8.80. It turned out to resemble stir-fried kway teow. I like the slightly browned surface of the rice rolls that makes this dish fragrant but the taste of XO-sauce was not amplified. 

Some of the mandatory dimsum items included the chicken claws w chilli $3.90 and the Spare ribs with pumpkin $4.50 and the Fried Beancurd skin roll $ 3.20. 

The  Sauteed Premium scallops, wild mushrooms in XO sauce were slightly overpriced to me at $26 even though those jumbo scallops were fresh and not overcooked. The combination of crunchy celery and slimy fungi made this dish less boring.

Conclusion: Higher chances of securing popular dim sum items if we were to come in the morning. Would be more keen to revisit for their revamped ala carte dishes, which were in our memories, more delicious than the dim sum. Some items are creative but their quality vary. Hopefully my favourite egg tarts that were nowhere to be found, can appear on their dimsum menu one day...... 

Mouth Restaurant
#02-01 Plaza Singapura
Mon-Fri : 11.30am-10pm
PH/Weekends : 11am to 10pm

Latest Promotion from 地茂馆 Facebook :
"From May onwards, Mouth Restaurant is offering "40% off a la carte dim sum" for breakfast and high tea and "50% off Peking Duck" for lunch and dinner. 

Do enjoy these great offers, please look out for the coupons that come together with your OCBC credit card bill statement. The coupons are printed on the second page and do bring along the original coupon to redeem. 
Please refer to the coupons for more terms and conditions for each offer."


  1. The salted egg yolk bun looks kind of good. Didnt know Mouth Restaurant also serve this :)

    1. Yeps.haha...very different from the usual ones outside. though i haven't tried Tim Ho Wan's yet and not sure if it has this on the menu. but the custard buns here r worth a try!

  2. how much weekend high tea? why are the ala carte prices stated here?

    1. oh haha...ala carte prices stated because this is not buffet:) So for the huge amount of food above, we spent about $25 per pax (after everything inclusive of hidden costs like towels, appetizers, etc...)


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