Old Bibik Nasi Rendang @Lavender Food Square

I thought the Nasi Rendang from this stall called Old Bibik was sold by Malays or Peranakan auntie until I googled and found out that they were opened by two male Singaporean Chinese. The recipe of the stew comes from the grandmother of the young owners in their thirties, and thus the name Old Bibik. Their signature is beef rendang, but we went for beef and chicken combo set ($6.50). It comes with rice, wedge of omelette and papadum.

The mildly sweet gravy of the rendang went well with the rice, and the flavors seemed to penetrate the beef better than chicken. The add-on peranakan stir-fry long beans for 50cents were cooked till the right degree. But still the star was the beef, which was so tender having been cooked for 2 hrs. Not too dry nor limp. My only quibble was the soggy papadum that had "leaked wind". Remember to ask for more Balachan chilli..they are simply SHIOK!

Here is another worth-to-try hawker stall which has cleverly ride on the wave of social media with their FB page : https://www.facebook.com/oldbibik  

Old Bibik Nasi's Rendang
380 Jalan Besar Road, Lavender Food Square #01-30
Mon-Thurs: 12pm-11pm
Fri & Sat:12pm-1am

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Extra 番外篇:

This was not on our list but ordered because I was craving for Rojak.

At $4, the portion looked small to me as the ingredients were squashed together. The peanut gravy had the acidity that we wanted and most of the taupok and you tiao were crunchy.

Well, not the best but somehow passable plate of rojak that you can find at Lavender Food Square. Perhaps their curry would be much better than their Rojak but it was the only stall offering Rojak.