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It is rather unexpected to find this in Little India. Though the menu is limited, it can be forgiven with the quality of the food. Anyway, this place seems more like a chill out spot after work rather than a fine-dining restaurant. The walls and lightings are designed to give a kind of western 60s feel. And with the light groovy music playing in the background, dining was more than simply an enjoyable one.
 Crack & cheese w truffle ($16)
Odd name for a Mac & cheese dish. Generous servings of shaved truffles makes this dish smells heavenly. The baked top cheese crust must be why it is call "crack" as u can literally break through the cheese crust with a fox. Lots of macaroni but became a little dry as one dig into the base of the dish.
 Broadcast ST-Louis Style Ribs ($30)Greedy as we are, we chose two sauces: tamarind and maple syrup; miso and black pepper. The black pepper taste was overwhelmed by the miso. So I personally prefer the tamarind Aka Assam sauce.

 As one has been warned, this can serve 2-3 mouths.
Served alongside with a slice of toasted bread which is rather bland, some nice unique coleslaw, and an average potato salad. Well, the arrangement was different from the picture from the magazine review though...
Claypot louisiana dirty rice with Chinese sausage($12)Don't really like it being called "dirty" as it kinda has a racist slant. But the taste does not lose to our Chinese sha Bo fan. Very fragrant. chicken liver also added into it.
 Broadcast Buffalo wings with Hanabero & Celery ($18)about 3 wings and 3 drumlets. Deep fried, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Hanabero sauce, which is made from a kind of intense chilli, is not very spicy but taste like a slightly sweet BBQ sauce. Couldn't find my celery so wonders if it has been blended into the sauce.
109 Rowell Road
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(I apologise for the poor lighting of the pictures here.)