The Battle of the Matcha Cream Puff

Beard Papa is already a well established cream puff brand with shops all over the world. Would you give it a try if you have already tried in back in your country? can be a difficult decision whether to invest in one, as there is the possibility that the cream puff may disappoint. But if one never try at all, one cannot tell if the brand in it's original country can perform up to expectation.
Attracted by this poster, I finally decided to find out whether the cream puff here matches or is even better than the one I've had before. The fragrant aroma of fresh-from-the-oven choux cream puff shells that wafted distance away from the shop was a big draw factor.
Interestingly, there are only 2 flavours to choose from-original custard/seasonal. One can pick from 3 different types of shells-original (180 yen), paris brest (190 yen) and cookie chou (200 yen). And of course, the crispy cookie chou was my pick.
crispy skin that stayed crispy despite being in contact with the cream for more than an hour, the puff was bursting with matcha filling even though i only saw the empty shell being piped twice. 
What makes this different from the usual matcha cream filling is the addition of azuki beans. (see that speckles of black bits amidst the green pool of cream?) Perhaps this is also the reason why it is sweeter than the Hirota cream puff below.
Also another seasonal edition contender is from long time cream puff maker Hirota(since 1924). Only available till end May. Four pieces in a box. 
As Hirota stated that it used premium green tea from 丸久小山園, a 
famous Kyoto Matcha Producer, the taste of the matcha is evidently 

much more bitter and stronger in Hirota's version

However, the weaker point is the cream puff shell that is too soft and 

bland in taste. 

In the end, I would still pick Beard Papa's Cream Puff. Though cream 

puff might seemed simple, it pays a great deal of attention to make a 

good one. It was a relief to know that Beard Papa has still maintained its standards up till today..

Beard Papa:
Hirota :