Kangaroo? Crocodile?傻傻分不清楚

Finally there is a place where I will want to go back again.haha when there is gss sale promotion again!

This is an Aussie restaurant that serves really good food.I regretted only coming on the very last day of the 1-1 promotion as it has already started since 27 May. Well hope that they have such good deals again. The food was really value for $$$ and leaves you feeling very satisfied:)

As an Aussie restaurant, how can it be Aussie if there is no game meat? This time between Crocodile and Kangaroo....I chose the latter because i haven't tried it before.
Stout Braised Kangaroo Loin ($26.50)
Pot Roasted in brown Stout sauce, served with zucchini, sweet onions,carrots,mash potatoes and puff pastry

No regrets...hahaha.the gravy was rich and you could taste the red wine. The sautéed vegetables were soft and serve as a good balance to the meat. Well how does kangaroo taste like?
the puff pastry is so tall that i had to take shot from far

Hmm....hard to describe. Not like chicken but a little like braised beef to me maybe because it is cooked for hours like a typical beef stew. But yet you can't really say that it is beef. My partner says it's like pork but I don't agree. Lamb? Nope it does not have the smell. So 袋鼠肉是什么味道呢?快去尝尝就知道。
For your info, kangaroo is a healthy red meat option than beef and I think so too....not a little bit of fat in the chunks of meat but yet it is so tender that it rips apart when you poke it.

Wohoa...and the puff pastry is really good good!! Dip it into the sauce or just eat it like that. The mash potato is really huge in portion that we could not finish it.anyway, I have found one new meat that I like more than chicken and lamb.....the kangaroo!!!
Bacon and Mushroom Egg drop Fettucine
With Parma Ham and Parmesan Cheese ($18.50)

Next, this was free. But oh so good. So far it tops my list of tasty creamy pasta because the fettucine or the Italian "kway teow" was really cooked al dente and matches so well with the sauce. You won't find the pasta sauce drying up as do most pastas dishes after u started eating them for a while.
cheese 是多的咯...而且第一次看到bacon/ham会自己站起来的。

The sauce....was tad a little oversalted to me but we all loved it including my sister who enjoyed this tremendously too(her fav pasta is carbonara)The bacon is not your usual chunky bacon but strips of pancetta lookalike 很像薄薄的肉干丝。it has relatively less fat than your breakfast bacon too. You don't have to add cheese powder or whatsoever because the taste itself is just sufficient and satisfying.
But I read online that egg drop=egg flower=蛋花?but I don't seem to find it in the dish leh. Hmm...did I get my info wrong? What exactly is egg drop?
Pumpkin Lasagna with Pomodoro Sauce ($16.50)

Another dish that I prefer instead of beef lasagna. The dish was again HUGE. but I like this vegetable version because it has pumpkins...and the pumpkins are really roasted till soft and mushy and sweet.

the pumpkin is visible once you ripped the lasagna apart...

Ooze....Piping hot cheese...
这个芝士很缠丝....and with the Pomodoro sauce**.

The cheese layer on top was just perfect for cheeselovers who might complain that the cheese is not suficcient.  Sour, cheesy...all sorts of flavour just burst in your mouth. And I like that it not only has pumpkins, rocket salad but also more greens hidden between the layers.

**Pomodoro sauce is a type of Italian tomato sauce that is often served over cooked pasta. Like marinara sauce, pomodoro sauce is made from tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and fresh basil. Pomodoro sauce is somewhat thicker than the traditional marinara sauce, because it is simmered longer. Also, the tomatoes are less chunky in Pomodoro sauce.

Although you are already very full, can't just leave without trying the desserts.
So from the list, I chose 2 that can represent Australia

The sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream

The reviews for this is quite good and I was looking forward to it. However, I find it rather dry and the toffee sauce seems more like caramel sauce. This is a very dense baked cake and will leave you very very full.
冒险点了一份明知道会很饱的扎实蛋糕,可味道及温度却不如己意 会有一种早知道就点别的想法。。。

It was served not warm enough.the cake was not moist, like a tough cake. It was actually easier to poke through the kangaroo meat than this. Strange right? I guess this can be improved.

Pavlova with Strawberry ice cream

Haha, all was not too bad with the pavlova....lala airy moist inside and crispy outside. I've tried making pavlova at home but because of the humidity i always fail. So was happy to eat a not too sweet one. After all, if u know the recipe, it is just egg white, sugar and corn flour....but the sugar required to bake this is really alot. Furthermore, it takes a long time 1-2hrs in the oven at low heat. 很吃电。might as well order one like this when it's available right?
Does it look like bird nest? Thus is a classical Aussie new Zealand dessert named after a Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.

The sugar content is one reason why most pavlovas are served with tangy fruits.the whipped cream and super sour mixed berries is a delightful light way to end your meal instead of the dull heavy bundts or stickydate puddings. Woah....a huge relief it was not too sweet. The ice cream was sweeter.
Robert Timms version has really done a good meringue.

They serve main courses, pastas, all day breakfast, salads wraps and sandwiches. I can't wait to try it's other signature like the crocodile, paper baked snapper fillet. And of cos its counter of cakes and takeaway pastries.

And I should not forget it's famous coffee next time....since it started off with brewing coffee.But I guess I will patiently wait for the next GSS promotion to come as according to the reviews of many others online and mine, I think it has a high chance of staying in business for long:)

The House of Robert Timms
Orchard Shopping Centre(nxt to 313 somerset)
11am-11pm daily

The other outlet is at Wheelocks Place