Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Win Win Snacks: 100% Halal and Vegetarian

I never thought much about potato chips until I chanced upon these wafer-thin Potato Crisps produced by Win Win Food. Baked with real potato, they actually tasted a little like cookies but so crisp and light, without any trace grease or heavy seasonings. Out of the four flavours--sour cream, tomato, vegetable and BBQ, I tried the latter two and was instantly attached to them. 
In fact, these potato crisps are only one of the many brands under Win Win Food, an established manufacturing company that produced snacks that are 100% halal and vegetarian. These products with a touch of Asian flavors are made in their main factory in Johor Bahru and distributed to various countries including Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, etc.
Some of their brands like Happy Moo biscuits (chocolate/plain) are packed in small bags like those mini snacks meant for kids--a good thing as it helps in portion control.
I love cream filled biscuits and these flaky Mini Pockets (vanilla/chocolate) are also good, though too generous on the sugar level. 
I am always partial towards any chocolate crunchies and thus I was delighted to discover that Win Win Food has introduced the Nutri Cereal Crisp. The original flavored bar has a milky fragrance with lingering the notes of salt that teases the palate and encourages one to keep eating bar by bar. Same goes for the chocolate, which are cheaper alternatives to Royce's Potecrunch without compromising on the quality. 
The Crisp Maker Puffed Corns is also another new item that I highly recommend to anyone, especially to those who loved popcorns. But don't get be wrong. These are not popcorns, but something even better and won't require any effort to chew.

They are like light crunchy air sacs that disappear in seconds. I can't decide between caramel and sweet corn but if you fancy sweet-savoury treats like me, then sweet corn would be an arduous challenge for you to stop devouring. 

Win Win Snacks are available at all major supermarkets
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