Saturday, May 23, 2015

Malebranche 京都 マールブランシュ : My Favourite Omiyage Shop in Kyoto

Instead of getting those all-too-common regional edition Kitkat, Collon cookies etc., why not get some sweets of excellent quality that could represent the flavors and style of Kyoto at Malebranche? 

Besides the Kitayama main shop, there several outlets in Kyoto, including two new openings in Arashiyama and Gion. The first must-buy is the Okoicha Langue De Chat. I've tried countless brands of langue de chats and this is truly the cream of the crop.

The recipe is jointly concocted by tea master and local professional patissiers. I loved how the cookies snap with a little effort and disintegrate into another realm of well-rounded bitterness that is not overshadowed by the white chocolate

 Cha No Ka Okoicha Langue De Chats in the Spring 2015 packaging
Come spring, don't miss the Kyo Spring Sables. I think they've beaten themselves with an even better product than their signature Okoicha Langue De Chats

Spring Edition Flavours : SAKURA, CHERRY, Matcha, Milk Choc, Wasabon Sugar, Strawberry. Uniquely shaped in the kanji word "京", they are the BEST sables I've had so far. 
Moon Macaron [Autumn/Winter] Available only at Arashiyama, there is only two types you can collect each year. In contrast to the white-coloured spring/summer edition, the autumn/winter version is a Charcoal and Uji Sencha Macaron Shell with Persimmon White Chocolate Jam Ganache [Autumn/Winter Edition] マールブランシュ嵐山限定の月のマカロン 秋冬「大枝の柿」
Maple Honey Pies and Goma Caramel Pies
Though I love most of their products, I cannot say everything is perfect because these leafy pies were too sweet and did not taste as crisp fresh as expected. Perhaps I should have thrown them into the fridge. 

Last but not least, DO NOT ever think about walking away from the shop without trying this SUPER delicious Matcha Eclair. What?? Matcha Eclair?? What so special about this piece of choux when you can get them anywhere else?

The cream is piped ala minute on a crisp fragrant choux baton, dusted with matcha for that extra touch of luxury. It's freshness and taste is unbeatable, even tons lighter than the delicious one from Creme de la Crème, another Kyoto cream puff specialty shop. 

Yes, this is definitely one of the brands that I would buy again and again and again.
Malebranche マールブランシュ
Arashiyama Outlet: 京都市右京区嵯峨天竜寺門前嵐山昇龍苑1F
Kyoto-shi Ukyo-ku Saga Tenryuji-mae Arashiyama Syoruen 1F
10am-5pm daily
Access: Directly opposite from Arashiyama Station
For other outlets, visit

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