Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kinozen 紀の善 神楽坂 : Best Matcha Bavaroise

Kagurazaka boasts many old shops and one of them is this Wagashi house that is known for one thing--the Matcha Bavaroise (¥874). It comes in a bulky block topped with sweet whipped cream and a massive ball of red beans

There is a reason why they supplemented the matcha with those two components. The matcha bavaroise was not sweet at all. It has a beautiful smooth texture similar to a cotton tofu. But besides the matcha, the often neglected red beans deserve our praises. The anko here is only partially mashed and thus retains an uneven texture with pleasant bites.

With temperatures soaring to nearly forty degrees, the kakigori is a major relief. It has ten selections ranging from the classic Uji Kintoki (¥874) to the fruity melon, Ichigo or apricot. The green tea ice cream is topped up with additional ¥130, but I did not mind as it was good too. 
Other popular Wagashi selection cream Zenzai  and Shiruko. If you do not belong to the sweet camp, there is also a range of savoury food. This shop enjoys roaring business all day long and it is not difficult to see why.  
Kinozen  紀の善 神楽坂
Japan, 〒162-0824 Tōkyō-to, Shinjuku-ku, Kagurazaka,1 -12
Tues-Sat 11am-8pm
Sun/PH 11.30am-6pm
Closed on Mon (Open if it is a PH and close on the following Tues)
Nearest Station : JR Sobu Line Iidabashi Station West Exit or
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line Iidabashi Station

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