Monday, November 17, 2014

Atmosphere Bistro: NEW Western Cafe by the Coast

Do you know that there is a new F&B space called Parkland Green in East Coast Park? Besides familiar shops like Starbucks or St Marc Cafe, Atmosphere Bistro, a new Western bistro by the same team behind Shin Sapporo Ramen has also recently opened its doors serving comfort food like burgers, pizzas, fries and even brunches on weekends. 
Perhaps just less than a month into their opening, the food may need more time to be fine-tuned but there are few potentially promising dishes out there. Pizza is a balancing act of getting the crust and filling right. On the Squid Ink Pizza $20.80,  the thin crust was not exactly crunchy but one need not steer clear away from it totally as the combination of squid ink base and mozarella cheese was quite delicious. If you like some additional entertainment besides the football screenings on the giant LED screen, there is the Flaming Pizza which may ignite your senses. Meanwhile, the Caesar Salad would foil the plan of eating clean and healthy as the dressing was gloppy with an unpleasant acetic taste.
The beautifully browned Baby Back Ribs ($19.80) fell short of expectations as the grilling seemed to have gone a little awry, resulting in slightly charred bits and excess liquid evaporation from the meat. Otherwise, these could have really been fall-of-the-bone tender and flavourful ribs with bursts of citrusy tangs. 
Meanwhile, the dryness and seasoning might diminish the amount of sway of this humongous Atmosphere Burger ($19.80). But at the same time, the collective power of three patties (turkey, chicken, pork) still has weight, literally and most likely to be the talk of the table. Worthy of mention was the sesame charcoal bun that was very fluffy and fragrant, enhanced by subtle truffle scents emerging from the moistened inner surface. Besides, as similar to the baby ribs platter, there are tasty side nibbles like fries and coleslaw to nurse the feelings. 
If you accidentally browse into the desserts section while placing your e-order on the iPad, don't be too excited to pick the "rainbow" cake, which is more likely to satisfy the visual voyeurism. Instead, you might want to consider the red velvet cake here ($6.80) whose deep-crimson layers were moist and not overly sweet, or the crowd-pleasing molten chocolate lava cake ($11.80).
According to the concept of "Two Atmosphere, one space", the place is designed to attract families during the day and a more adult crowd at night. Those who are not driving after drinking might be interested to hop on the beer-slushie trend for the Calpis Frozen Beer, alongside savoury bites like the Spam Fries  ($7.80) and Escargots ($10.80)Or go for the Heinekein or Erdinger white draft beers at promotional price of $30 for 3 pints. At this bistro, it is all about the "atmosphere".

Atmosphere Bistro
920 East Coast Parkway #01-25/26/27 S(449875)
Special thanks to Cynthia for hosting the dinner



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