Monday, October 13, 2014

Papparich Plus: A Richer Papa now

Having been known for its rich, affordable mama papa-style Malaysian dishes, Papparich now introduces their all-new Papparich Plus at Plaza Singapura and OneKM Tanjong Katong. Papparich. PLUS? Yes, the new expanded menu is all about larger communal dishes with bolder flavours that showcased the colorful heritage of Malaysian delights

The Kampung Fried Rice $10.90 may have humble origins but is no way short of flavours. Shreds of kangkong, julienned chicken breast, squid with a sloppy fried egg plopped and crunchy ikan bilis, the grains might not look refined but won our hearts with the arresting wok-hei aroma and well-seasoned taste. 
The Sweet & Sour Crab Meat with Fried Rice $11.90 is Papparich's founder, Rich Tan's interpretation of the Singapore Chilli Crab. An experimental work that missed the mark for the sauce was too sweet and lacked depth. 
For those who used to the tangy Assam Fish Head, the Red Snapper Curry Fish Head $34.90 may lack the punch. But this Indian-Middle Eastern inspired fish pot is no less intriguing and mesmerizing. The clever use of 22 spices such as kunyit, buah keras (candlenut) and biji halba (fenugreek seed), bolstered the coconut milk-based curry broth, giving it a full-bodied, robustness. Not keen on the fish head? there is also the fish fillet version. 
It's sort of a déjà vu encounter with the Ayam Masak Merah $12.90, which uses similar ingredients and cooking techniques like the Chinese Stir fry pork Gu Lu Rou (咕噜肉) . The adoption of chicken thigh instead of pork levelled the tenderness but the flavours of the sauce could be teased out further.
The two unstoppable dishes were the Sambal Aubergine $9.90 and the Four Heavenly Kings in Sambal Belacan $11.90. Deep-fried till beautifully blistered on the skins, tossed and coated in Sambal hot chilli, the Sambal eggplant is a truly venerable rendition and the BEST I've encountered so far. The Four Heavenly Kings, represented by ladyfingers, long beans, eggplants and petai, faced off one another in a spicy formidable battle intensified with the deadly yet assertive belachan paste
To douse the burning fire in the stomach, nothing beats the Pappa ABC $4.50. Shaved ice drenched with palm syrup and evaporated milk, then heaped with grass jelly, chewy palm seeds, sweet azuki beans, creamed corn and green squiggles of cendol
Pappa Chendol $3.90
If you tend to have butter kaya toast than the steamed version, it's time to try the Hainan Steamed Bread with Butter and Kaya ($3.90). Baked and delivered fresh from Malaysia, the white bread has a uniquely tender, stretchy texture; a heaven match with the cold butter and fragrant green kaya
I haven't had the classic Roti boy bun for ages and this PappaBun $2.50 comes close to a good one. The coffee crust was too thin and delicate, while the core could filled with more luscious salty butter. Nonetheless, it's a simple versatile bun that could go with the Black Gold Coffee (Iced) $5.50, prepared by soaking the Arabica coffee powder overnight in ice to "brew" out the coffee essence and eliminating the acidity. 
What's good to know is that the Plaza Singapura opens till 1am, making it a great supper location right in town after movie or shopping. Family-friendly dishes, hearty flavours, affordable prices. I definitely left feeling a richer person after such a scrumptious meal.
Papparich Plus 
Plaza Singapura 
68 Orchard Road, #01-35, Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
Sun-Thurs (10am-12midnight)
Fri & Sat (10am–1am)  
One KM Tanjong Katong
11 Tanjong Katong Road, #01-60/61/62,
OneKM Singapore 437157  
Star Vista/Suntec City/ Westgate/ Parkway Parade
Special thanks to Charmaine and Papparich

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