Saturday, October 18, 2014

FIX Sg : Desserts FIXation

Run by the same team behind GRUB at Bishan Park, FIX is an alfresco cafe minus the warm cosy dining ambience after the sun sets. Leaning more towards a fuss-free laidback style, it might be better to come during the day as the tables next to the swimming pool were dimly-lit, unless you are looking for a romantic atmosphere. That said, our experience is definitely less than grubby. Once you managed to extract some gorgeous cheese strands from the CHEESE PENNE GRATIN ($12 for set with drink), you know this is a pot of gold. Wait no longer, start digging in. 
Smothered in strong glows of melted cheese and tremendous amount of kidney beans and minced beef, the mushy salted fries have a low chilli consciousness but certainly a helluva better version than the Chilli Corn Carne of Grub. Not sure if the FISH AND CHIPS ($14) might appear the same as the hake fish burger so we had the NAANWICHES. The naan-sandwich fusion weren't bewitchingly delicious but kudos to the team that came up with this ingenious dish. (Below : Chicken Tikka and Kimchi Beef $12 each with a drink)
The LIU SHA BAO DONUTS $7 is not exactly in the same league as the classic Salted Egg Yolk in dimsum. Weird and wonderful, there is something extra sexy as you dip the fluffy hot buns into the cool egg dip while watching a couple soaking in the swimming pool as though it was an onsen bath. 
To be honest, my mind was totally occupied with the desserts right before I even stepped into the cafe. With a beautifully tempered chocolate ganache riding on top some blissfully assertive chocolate mousse, the COCOA BARRY CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE $7 is a highly potent blast of cacao flavour, obscuring the minuscules amount of salted chocolate sables (might have increased by now). The Passionfruit, Mango and Coconut Chiffon Cheesecake $7 did not set my heart on an erratic rhythm, but the finely executed textures in the coconut meringue mousse came as a rare entity in Singapore.  The Rose Pistachio Tart  $6 is aesthetically pleasing but realistically flawed. Crowned with tangy red coulis and mildly scented rose cream, the tart isn't buttery nor crumbly but firm and chewy. The Twice-Baked Sourcream Cheesecake  $7-- a rich baked vanilla cheese with a primary layer of sourcream--was thwarted by it's muggy graham base

But do get ready you fork before the Butterscotch Arabica Choux $6 arrived before it vanished in seconds. What propelled it to the spot of BEST cream puff in Singapore is the amazing unity of a hyper-delicious salted caramel sauce and rich chocolate filling, cupped in the croustillant-covered choux that is overflowing with pillow-light coffee cream. With enough people clamouring for it, it's magnificence cannot be overstated.
FIX (Halal-certified)
31 Ah Hood Road, HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse
#01-06 S(329979)
6256 1484
Daily 9 30am - 9 pm

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