Friday, September 26, 2014

Yojiya Cafe よーじや: From Kyoto to Tokyo

If you have been to Kyoto, you may have come across Yojiya, a famous cosmetic brand best known for their oil-blotting paper. It has finally stepped out of Kyoto to set up a cafe in Shibuya, Tokyo. 
Menu might not be as extensive as the cafe in Kyoto but it still features popular items like this Yojiya matcha parfait (¥1000). It is quite hard to forget this parfait, not because of the rather "scary" face but because it is exceptionally sweet.

The Vanilla ice cream tasted like condensed milk and one catches the usual suspects such as matcha ice cream, warabi mochi, red beans and black beans. Overall quality surpassed Morinoen and you can go for this after trying Gion Tsujiri, Kyo Hayashiya's and Gion Tokuya's version. 
Yojiya Cappucino 

Not cookie but Black Bean Financier that comes with the Cappuccino!
There are plenty of matcha sweets to satisfy the matcha lovers. But not sure if it's a good thing to list out the calories for each item on the menu. The calories for the Yojiya's parfait is as scary as the image so if you are concerned about it, there is a smaller version at ¥800.

I was dismayed by the small and lacklustre portions of the Mont Blanc Set. Each ball composed of houjicha/macha chestnut paste, chantily cream and a soft sponge. The Monaka Wafers which diverted away some sweetness, were slightly stale. If you are looking for Matcha or Houjicha Mont Blanc, head to Sanoah 
Other sweets include Matcha Tiramisu, matcha chiffon cake, matcha brownie. For savouries, there is also a small selection of Kyo-style pasta. The Matcha latte powder and soft cookies which I tried on my previous visit to Kyoto, are also available at the retail corner.

Yojiya Cafe よーじや
Shibuya Hikarie B2
Nearest Station: Shibuya
10am-9pm Daily
Last Order 8.30pm

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