Monday, September 22, 2014

日本茶菓 SANOAH : Matcha vs Houjicha

Sanoah is one of the rare Japanese patisserie that specializes in sweets made using Japanese Tea. There is only about 3-4 Nama-gashi (mousse cakes) but "less can be more" as each creation is of high quality.

Caramelized Walnuts Sandwich
Shittori Gateau Chocolate Cake (made with France Chocolate) 
Can you tell which tea flavour each belong too? (From left) Matcha Sencha Houjicha 

The Matcha and Houjicha Mont Blanc are creations above the notch as the intensity of the tea played down the sugariness and cloyiness that one might fear of a traditional French Mont Blanc.

Each piece contained an elastic mochi pastry skin that is filled with fresh Chantily and sponge, then piped subsequently with either matcha bean paste or houjicha bean paste. 
Sometimes the usual matcha roll or green tea parfaits can become all too-common. And thus I was delighted to spot this new summer creation on the shell. What an arduous task it must have been for the chefs to assemble the chestnut mousse, pear and peach mousse neatly onto the bitter matcha mousse and sponge. But the results were rewarding--the mousse were smooth and fruity, without abusing the sugar. 
日本茶菓  Sanoah
-Isetan Shinjuku Basement
Nearest Station: JR Shinjuku or Metro Shinjuku-sanchome
-Isetan Urawa 
Saitama Prefecture

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