Friday, May 9, 2014

Region レジオン : Takashimaya Patisseries Series Part 2

Although I have shared many patisseries like Aigre Douce, Plasir, my experience with them are very short-lived. This is unlike Region which is one of the 11 shops featured regularly at Patisseria Shinjuku Takashimaya.

Region is opened by owner-chef Fujimaki Seifu in 1997. Having been trying his cakes since many years ago, there is a sense of reliability and of course, consistency in his cakes. The chef understands the characteristics of each ingredient well and combines the flavours effectively without going overboard.
Green Tea Mont Blanc
As an old saying goes, never judge a book by the cover. I was tricked to believe that this bulky Mont Blanc is as dense as any other Mont Blanc. But I was proven totally wrong.

Neither chestnut paste nor any bean paste was used for the green squiggles. It's purely cream and beneath it lies a light layer of chantily cream and orange bavaroise center that is filled with bits of orange peels. Taking the role of the gigantic disk of meringue is a financier-like green tea layer followed by some archaic almond butter cake that is never too dry or rubbery. There is such a wonderful diversity in this spring creation.

Similarly, most people might shun this huge shiny dome for fear of its sweetness but this signature item of Region emanated bitter caramel tones. Though I had tried it before two years ago (review here), I decided to revisit it again as I realized that its structure was similar to the Tarte Au Cafe by Plasir which I had recently.

Region's version had no coffee and the tart shell is layered with a baked walnut sponge. However, my vote still goes to Plasir's Tarte au cafe for it commands a more unified textures and flavour. The walnuts were unevenly cupped in the gooey caramel and the caramel ganache was tad rubbery.

I was glad the chef did not use lotus in this gateau named Lotus. It attracted attention because of its strange polka dotted top that was intended to replicate a lotus flower. But the components were unexpectedly tropical.

Beneath the milky white chocolate sheen is a passionfruit gelee and white chocolate mousse. At the centre is mango gelee, milk chocolate mousse and almond jaconde. Though there isn't a touch of tang in the yellow bands, the flavours are straightforward, for each ingredient is neatly compartmentalized like a mini cupboard with various drawers.

I'm not too sure if Japanese have a fetish for cheesecakes but this Duo Fromage ran out of stock several times. I managed to grab the last piece and it was truly enlightening to finally know what was hidden inside.

Beneath the fluffy cloud-like whipped cream are two types of cheesecake. About 70% baked Fromage and 30% rare cheesecake. The yellow baked section with almond silvers and rum soaked raisins was rich but still lighter than typical NY baked cheesecake. I thought this would be a sponge cake as the description had not spell out the existence of a crunchy sable base. Super yummy!

Can you spot a heart shape?
This "Marriage" is truly a successful beautiful marriage of berries and milk chocolate. Though I bought this initially because it contains Salted caramel cream, I was blown away by the red layers.

Made up of a blend of three berries (raspberry, strawberries and cassis), the tartness is very forthcoming. But there is a sense of purity, as if no sugar has been added. Beneath the smooth vanilla beans-accented salted caramel cream is some rich chocolate ganache.

Region レジオン
Takashimaya Shinjuku Basement 1 Patissieria
Main shop: Kanagawa Yokohama City, Tsuzuki-ku, Nakagawa Nakachuo 1-37-23
Hours 7:30am-6:30pm
Closed on Wed and 4th Tues


  1. Too dreamy! The Green Tea Mont Blanc looks absolutely divine!

    1. Hi Yixiao,
      Thanks for reading this post.
      Yeps! I agree with's like falling into a unrealistic sweet heaven :P I usually shy away from mont blancs but this green tea mont blanc won me over :)


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