Friday, August 29, 2014

Koyomi Funabashiya 船橋屋こよみ : Kuzu Mochi Specialist

Funabashiya (not the tempura shop in Shinjuku) is an classic Edo confectionary that is famous for its signature Kuzu-mochi. Instead of hopping all the way to the main shop in Kameido, it has opened a chic shop and cafe called "Koyomi Funabashiya" in Hiroo in 2005 to mark its 200th anniversary.  Though you can get its basic anmitsu d-I-y sets and Kuzu-mochi is nearly every department stores, this cafe serves a wider variety of traditional desserts and even some simple, healthy lunch sets. 

The best seller at the cafe is the Ichigo Milk Kakigori (shaved ice) ¥880. It comes as pure as an iceberg, but transforms instantly into a gorgeous red-white snow mountain after you empty the strawberry compote and condensed milk
You can order the kuzu-mochi as a set on its own but why not maximize the variety by going for the dessert platter? It contains the Kuzu-mochi, matcha chiffon cake, Kuzu custard pudding and vanilla ice cream on oat bran and azuki beans.
Despite having the Kuzu-mochi many times, I have yet developed a profound love for it. Served with black sugar syrup and kinako powder, it has a texture of a hardened Chwee Kueh. I prefer the Kuzu-mochi from 梅園
However, it would be a pity to miss the Kuzu pudding, an ethereally rich and creamy custard that does not quiver as easily as most puddings. 
Speaking of the two available lunch options, we had the daily Gozen (日替わりお惣菜御膳) ¥1135 instead of the nyumen (somen in hot soup) .
Besides the main dish consists of potato salad and Karaage Tori (fried chicken), the set includes light cold somen and four mini desserts (guava pudding, Kuzu-mochi, anmitsu and Kuri-Satsumaimo Castella). The delicious savoury food was a great surprise since it is known to specialise in Wagashi. 
Come during weekend and chances of joining a queue is pretty high. Nevertheless, what's better way to escape from the summer than hide in the tiny spaces on the 2nd floor of this shop and enjoy Wagashi with cool English jazz music playing in the background? 
Koyomi Funabashiya 船橋屋こよみ
5-17-1 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Daily 11am-8pm (café 11.30am-5pm)
Nearest station: Hiroo

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