Hokkaido Omiyage at Narita Airport

With a strong culture of gift-giving in Japan, the omiyage (souvenirs) market is a thriving industry as tourists and locals alike would purchase at least one or two items that represent the region where they travel. From depachika to IC stations (rest stops on expressways), one can  shop for those limited-edition items and the wallet is the limit.

All Time Popular Shiroi Koibito (24pcs/ 1410 yen) But now, one doesn't necessarily have to travel to say, Hokkaido, to get the popular omiyage. In my recent visit at Narita Airport, I noticed an increase of regional goods from Hokkaido and Kyoto.

Besides the highly mainstream Shiroi Koibito, I decided to get the Shiroi Mori no Harmony (1365 yen/ 16pcs) to do a mini taste test with my family members. Each piece of Langue De Chats from Shiroi Mori were smaller and less sweet than the Shiroi Koibito's.
But in terms of the biscuit, Shiroi Koibito contains more butter (=more fragrant) and has a more crumbly texture. Would not buy it again since they are more expensive.

Another popular Hokkaido Omiyage is 三方六 Sanpouroku by Ryugetsu. Probably the most famous Baumkuchen from Hokkaido that has won the Monde Sweets Selection award.

Think Kueh lapis in tree trunk shape and yes, of course it's high in calories. And why 三方六? Cos it's 18cm long (approximately 3 x 6 inch)...they rounded 2.5 to 3cm. Does the name "Ryugetsu" sounds half-familiar half strange? If you have joined any of the Hokkaido group tours and been to Otaru Town, chances are you might have stepped into the shop already.
Royce Matcha Wafers
In the past, we only get the usual Royce products but now Royce has introduced a series of Matcha goods (probably aiming at the potential market of matcha lovers overseas). They are available in SG but at a higher price.

Royce Duo Praline

Jumping back to Shiroi Koibito, it's sister brand Mifuyu, has also launched the Matcha Millefeuille. Crunchy puff pastries interlayered with Matcha Chocolate. My favourite out of all.