Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Tsuruya Yoshinobu 鶴屋吉信 : Wagashi Pancakes

With the opening of Coredo 2 and 3 in the recent year, the atmosphere in  Nihonbashi seemed to have transformed 360-degrees and it has become a great place for one to explore the old and new shops. One of the new tenant at Coredo 3 is Tokyo Mise, the latest concept by established Kyoto Wagashi House Tsuruya.

The Matcha Kakigori is by far the sweetest and thus I did not have to empty the saucer of condensed milk. What makes this Kakigori so delicious was the scoop of ice cream as it had such a smooth and sticky texture that resembled Turkey ice cream!! It melted slower than usual, reducing the panic if the ice cream disintegrates too quickly and starts to overflow.
Red beans were also cooked to the right degree. 

Perhaps riding on the pancake wave, the shop has introduced it's own Japanese style pancakes that cannot be found elsewhere. Each layer is so thin that I can barely separate them from one another.

In fact, they are made from the same dough used for the dorayaki product that is characterized by its thin and super chewy texture. Everything was a perfect match; the salty cubes of premium Echire butter than cuts through the sweet azuki and the tangy blueberry compote that chased away any cloyness. 
If you are a fan of Wagashi, you can take the counter seats and watch how the Wagashi master creates the magnificently gorgeous sweet from scratch. 
Before it started this shop, it already has two shops called Tsuru Chabou at the basement of department stores. One is Seibu Ikebukuro while the other is at Takashimaya Shinjuku.
We had the matcha parfait (¥900) which is scrumptious but sweeter than Tsujiri's parfait. 

There is also Matcha Kakigori (¥950)  but the vanilla ice cream was not as creamy as the one at Tokyo Mise (perhaps a less premium ice cream was used) If you have already visited the usual famous green tea shops in Tokyo, this is worth checking out. 
Tsuruya Yoshinobu 鶴屋吉信
Tokyo Mise 

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