Sunday, August 3, 2014

Nana's Green Tea Tokyo : The Missing Black

I believed this place needs no further introduction as many people have flocked to the Singapore outlet or outlets elsewhere. I came here not for matcha but for kurogoma (black sesame) because it came to my realization that black sesame food is left out from the Singapore menu. 

There are two kurogoma parfaits-Black Sesame Warabi Mochi (¥920) and Black Sesame Pudding Parfait (¥950). The difference is the presence of a square of kurogoma mousse versus the usual kinako-dusted warabi mochi. 

The kurogoma sweets are definitely not recommended for the light palates because the intensity is truly a stampede of the senses. It does not come only with a ball of kurogoma ice cream but also another ball of black sesame paste. Count these with kurogoma mousse and I think one could possibly consumed enough magnesium and calcium nutrients that last a year. 

Kurogoma ice cream and kurogoma bean paste are recycled for the Kurogoma Anmitsu. Similar to the parfait because it contains Kanten jelly but somehow different because you can control the amount of Kuromitsu (black sugar syrup) and enjoy firm bites of little brown beans. 

For the black sesame purists, head straight for the kurogoma latte with soft serve ice cream. It's a thick, really thick, greyish concoction that would actually be good on its own without the soft serve because it was already very sweet. 
Overall, I am glad to discover kurogoma sweets here but  it would be great if the sweetness of the Nana's kurogoma desserts can be tweaked Nonetheless, given its sheer scarcity, I'm sure there is a lot of potential for this developing this market and spark a trend in which "Black is the new Green" . 
Nana's Green Tea 


  1. wa, what you are eating seems different from what we have in SG

    1. I wasn't sure if kurogoma desserts were on the SG menu because my last visit to Nana SG was last year. But I love kurogoma so decided to try them all..hehe :P


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