Eng's Wanton Mee : A Taste to Remember

Located opposite Zhen Zhou Dao Porridge, Eng Wanton Mee is another noodle shop which has won many accolades and is very very famous for their spicy chilli sauce.  

Fuss-free menu:)

Together with with 4 flavorful dumplings, the amount of noodles is pretty filling at $4. While some stalls are better at certain ingredients, say the char siew or noodles, Eng's version pays details to everything.

No dark or light soy sauce like Kok Kee, the version here looks just as white as the one from Nam Seng. However, all is not lost. The pork lard that is tossed with the firm egg noodles not only prevent then from clumping and injects another dimension of fragrance. The charsiew have great caramelization with bits of fats.

And the super spicy chilli lives up to its name as it is spicy, but in a different way. Because it is purely blended chilli, it tastes bitter. I did not really enjoyed it because it was not appetizing enough like Sambal chilli nor will it make you blow your nose or cause watery eyes like chilli padi.

The noodles are simply good without the chilli sauce but no one would stop you from dousing it liberally into the noodles, turning the dish into a sea of orangey yellow (compare this and the top picture). The sauce is definitely bearable for chilli-takers, but I find that the bitterness (not spiciness) robs the original taste of wanton mee when squeezed in excess.

We ordered extra wantons to share even though they were the same as those in the noodles. The pinkish pork filling were chewy and meaty.
I am glad that this wanton mee legend has continued in this era. If you haven't try it yet, please do.

It is something worth traveling all the way for, over and over again. A taste to remember.

Eng's Noodle House
287 Tanjong Katong Road
Open 11am to 9pm; closed on alternate Mondays

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  1. I have not tried it :( I am looking forward to try their powerful chilli sauce.

    1. haha....look forward to know how u find it after trying it. don't worry~ I'm pretty sure you can conquer the chilli sauce:) at least it would not make you rush to the loo immediately hehe :P

  2. Great Article :)
    Thank you for the recipe
    I will try to cook


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