Le Chasseur: Not French but Chinese

Metal shutters greeted us when we arrived but luckily, a Filipino waiter who was cleaning the tables outside the shop told us that they are opening at 5.30pm. Otherwise we would have thought that they were shut for good or closed for that day as the shop was supposedly to be opened all day.

Although the place offer numerous dishes all plastered to the wall, about 50% of the items have been labeled "STOP", which meant that they are unavailable, much to our disappointment. Nonetheless, having pictures for menu is always a bonus for people such as my folks who read in Chinese.
We had the signature Claypot Rice (Small $11/Large $20) that appeared on every table.
The medium-brown colored grains were not as intensely flavourful after first mixing by the waiter, but turned out better after we've added more dark soy sauce by ourselves.

They were fairly fragrant, with sweet lap cheong, chunky chicken and rare slices of large-sized salted fish that might shock some unprepared tastebuds for the saltiness. But it is precisely the "kiam" taste that makes the rice appetising.

The Sambal Eggplant $7, which leans towards the dry version, is tasty even without any visible dried shrimps. The bottom swam in the right amount of chilli oil but the inconsistent heat resulted in occasion tough pieces.

We thought Butter Oatmeal Cereal Tofu $6 sounded like a wonderful combination of oatmeal and tofu but we would skip this next time. The tofu is nothing exciting, plain without any extra seasoning.  Fortunately, their special blend of sourish chilli sauce did help to tide through the dish.

The crunchy Chye Poh Omelette $6, another popular dish at many tables, was not too bad, though the sweetness of chye poh did not emerge as strong as Taiwan-style chye poh neng. Would prefer it to be fluffier.

For the desserts, the Tau Suan $2.50 was really good as it had been cooked with gula melaka. The beans also had the right texture and I like the fact that not too much tapioca flour had been added to thicken the gravy. Never mind the fact that we needed to pay for the you tiao, which we thought were included.

Meantime, the black fungus soup is simply black fungus in sugar syrup with some wolfberries. Nothing spectacular as it is something easily prepared at home.

Overall, for the price range of below $8 for the side dishes, I would think that the quality of the food is reasonable. But with many places in Singapore serving much better claypot rice and chye poh omelette, I will remember this place for its.....tau suan.

Le Chasseur
31 New Bridge Road
They are have moved to Blk 27, Eunos Road 2

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  1. I am glad that they have moved to the East. Now I can go for frequent to satisfy my claypot rice craving.

    1. hard to get to Eunos from Hougang leh..

    2. Haha...no!!~ that's not good for me. Moved even further away now. Very inaccessible leh. Haish...but I think Eunos might have more food choices:) My visit was in July when they were about to move.


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