Saturday, December 12, 2015

Corine and Cake : Turning Dream into Online Cake Boutique

Ex-magazine editor Corine Yeoh quit her full-time job to pursue her passion in baking after receiving an oven as Christmas present from her then-boyfriend and current husband. Online demand increased rapidly and Corine soon moved out from a shared kitchen space to a full-fledged kitchen in Tai Seng in September 2015.

Having travelled to Taiwan to pick up the skills from Taiwanese and Japanese instructors, Corine creates beautifully stacked cakes that are fit for any occasion with a confident hand.

For instance, this glorious four-layer Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel ($58/6 in) would be the party showstopper with pretzels, berries and a caramel-filled syringe. 

Made with 66% chocolate that is imported from Italy and added with sea salt flakes for crunchiness, the chocolate layers were deep and mellow but the salty notes were barely traceable, probably also due to the fact that the caramel was in short supply. Similar to most of Corine's cakes, this is frosted in Swiss meringue buttercream so that they can withstand the hot weather but would be better if the cream is accented with vanilla. 

New flavors include this Matcha Azuki cake ($18/6 in) which is a little too sweet to my liking but it is not shy of the tea taste. Made with brown sugar, the deep green layers are smothered in luscious buttercream that is generously mixed with red beans. 

Just like the previous cake, you've got to be patient and let the cake sit in the room temperature for a while to enjoy the real texture of the cake. 

I am not a huge fan of buttercream cakes so I naturally swoon at the sight of this lovely Strawberry Shortcake ($48/6in). The sugar is held in fine moderation but the sponge layers could be more moist and refined. 

With the increasing health-conscious consumers in mind, Corine ensures that her cakes are trans-fat free and sweetened with applesauce which is also used substitute most fats in the cakes, resulting in a less sweet and low-fat indulgence. From rustic style cakes to pretty fondant cakes, you can customize the cakes by just emailing Corine at to discuss your ideal cake.

Prices vary according to size, flavors and complexity
For more information, visit Corine and Cake at

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