Monday, June 22, 2015

Sensodyne Singapore Tea Party: Lady M, Alfero Gelato, Udders & More!

Sensodyne Singapore held its first Singapore Tea Party where twenty lucky winners, who voted for their favourite desserts from the list put together by local top bloggers misstamchiak and sgfoodonfoot, were treated to a scrumptious dessert feast. Here are some of the snippets that day. 
Voted as the most popular dessert that evening, Udders transported a slice of America into the party by serving their Udderlicious Sundaes and ice cream shooters of unique Flavours such as Thai Ice Milk Tea. The usual tower-sized sundaes were condensed into Verrine cups; a thoughtful move so that we can try more. The multi-textural contrast of an decadent sundae was well taken care of, but the alarming sweetness made this not everyone's cup of sugar. 

Moving next to Lady M's counter, I was disappointed initially when the strawberry shortcake was nowhere in sight. However, that feeling soon dissipated as I found myself in the good hands of three other amazing desserts. I have heard mixed reviews about the food and sore complaints about the services but shuffling that aside, the Signature Mille Crepe was truly a cake to behold. 

Twenty paper-thin layer slathered with vanilla pastry cream in between and stroked with caramel glaze for a glossy protectant from dryness. The milky cream is exceptionally luscious and velvety, yet there was no single moment when I felt jaded.  
A litmus test (for me) of how well a Mont Blanc cake is whether one can finish the entire cake by oneself. And this gateau au marron passed the test as the chestnut paste was not too dense. Yes, it was undeniably sweet but at least not as much as Angelina's Mont Blanc. 
My eyes lit up instantly when I saw Lady M's Gateau Au Chocolat as the ganache glaze is so glossy it could reflect light. Folded with crushed walnuts into a tremendously deep and dark chocolate mousse and finished with golden dust, this cake will win the hearts of chocolate lovers though the price tag of $9 is not cheap. 
For the Asian desserts, there is Jin Jin Desserts, No Name Cheng Teng and Tong Heng Egg Tarts. 
Thanks to the event, I finally got to try the widely raved Alfero Artisan Gelato! The low-fat Italian gelato here are outstanding rich, smooth, intense and satisfying. Moreover, it doesn't go overboard with sugar. Popular flavors like Pistachio and Salted Caramel are not to missed, but the Mixed Nuts and Chocolate are no less delicious as well. Perfect for the muggy heat in Singapore. 

At the end of the event, participants also walked away happily with goodie bags of Sensodyne  products. With Sensodyne's special toothbrush and toothpaste set,  I'm sure none of them will have any toothache from the sugar effect! 

This event is organized by Sensodyne Singapore
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Sweet List : 
Jin Jin Mango Dessert (Chendol/ Red Ruby/ Mango Ice)
Tong Heng Confectionery Egg Tarts
No Name Cheng Teng

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