Sunday, May 31, 2015

La Patissierie des Reve : Snow White's "Poisonous" Apple

What are Japanese cakes? I have been asking myself this question as I find that there is a huge gap between the cakes in Japan and the kind of "Japanese" cakes we see in Singapore. Honestly, I don't think cakes in Japan are Japanese. Like breads, cookies, chocolates, the cakes have evolved significantly over the years and are influenced by European countries, especially France.

Many renowned France patisseries from Pierre Herme to Sebastien Bouillet, have entered Japan in a bid to snatch a bite of the sweet pie. Needless to say, majority of the chefs working behind these shops are still Japanese. It's the intimate cross-influence of the culinary styles of France and Japanese that continues to intrigue me and spur me on my pastry conquest in Japan. 

And La Patissier des Reve is yet another France-originated sweets boutique that I chanced upon this time in Osaka. Opened by "Sweets Magician" Chef Phillippe Conticini, Patisserie des Reves can be found at the Umeda depachika and the interior looked exactly like its main shop in France. What caught my attention is not the perfectly crusted Choux or eclairs, but this dark sinister "apple" called CERISES (648 yen) that resembles something that the wicked witch would give to Snow White.

It is actually a classic Black Forest with all the "must-haves" components such as Kirsh-soaked groittine cherries, dark chocolate, etc. There is some brilliant techniques and elegant cacao hues in the chocolate parts that make this more than just an apple of an eye. 
Instead of the signature Paris Brest, I went for the St Honore (540 yen), something which I have a major weakness for. Even before I take a bite, I couldn't help but admire the structure, the few globules of golden Caramelized choux that stood rooted on one of the two parallel eclairs cushioned by a crunchy puff pastry base.

As my teeth cleave through it all, the sweet intense vanilla pastry cream gushed out inescapably, leaving me utterly speechless as I attempt to regain my spiritual consciousness. 
I tend to fault a Fraisier (627 yen) for the obscene amount of butter but not this one. There seemed to be two tones of cream that balanced off the unpleasantness.

Yes, another reason why you should get this instead of a strawberry shortcake next door is because the plentiful crumbly sable toppings would set one in ecstasy. 
Last but not least, the humble Tarte Aux Fraise (648 yen). No, this isn't just the usual fruit tart. Weighing a hefty compared to an average tart, the whimsical combination of the juicy strawberries, spiced crumbles and raspberry Gelee got my endorsement until the flat soggy tart shell pulled the brakes on my praises.

I took a while to come to terms with the accidental flaw and made a note to return again for other awesome pastries, especially when the price are SO reasonable that the overall excellent quality seemed too good to be true.
La Patissierie Des Reve ラ・パティスリー・デ・レーヴ
Umeda Hankyu Department Osaka outlet: Japan, 〒530-8350 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Kita-ku Kakudacho 8−7, Basement Food Hall
Other outlets in Kyoto

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