Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Imakatsu : When the Chicken Beats the Pig

What a shame to have missed out this Tonkatsu gem when I was in Tokyo!

Imakatsu, a pork cutlet specialty shop which opened its first shop in Roppongi six years ago and Ginza two years ago, has now arrived in Singapore. Since there was a seasonal special menu featuring Fukuoka's Mentaiko, we opted for the Premium Mentaiko Pork Loin Katsu (180g) for $26.80 that is generously garnished with seaweed and spring onions.

While some might worry that the savoury cod roe would overwhelm the natural flavours of the meat, I thought it complemented the meat very well, in fact better than garlic pork loin ($19.80) or the cheese variation at other places. In fact, the Mentaiko makes the pork tasty enough to wean you off the excessive Tonkatsu or sesame dressing. 

from left clockwise: chicken fillet, garlic pork, mentaiko chicken
If you are not a big eater, there is also a lighter version (120g) that costs $21.80. But the pork cutlet is NOT the only reason why one should visit this restaurant. The Chicken Fillet Cutlet Set ($14.80) turned the tables with its tenderness and leaves no grease in your mouth. Now I finally understand why this Chicken Fillet Cutlet beat the Kagoshima Pork Loin to be the most popular item among the Japanese customers.

For seafood lovers, there is the deep fried prawns($23.80). It might seemed costly for 3 pieces but the prawns are truly sweet on its own, a wonderful combination with the homemade tartar sauce that boasted crunchy textures. 
Another surprise came from Ginger Stir Fry Pork ($11.80), a good alternative for those who are abstaining from deep fried food. The caramelized onions and black pepper lifted the ginger sauce, which makes the juicy pork belly slices a perfect dish to go with Japanese rice. 
I always stayed away from deep fried vegetables as it defeats the purpose of eating healthy but I guess there is always an exception. This Mixed Deep Fried Vegetables ($11.80) are crisp and light, yet the vegetables still retain its vibrant taste. The Sweet Potatoes and Pumpkin Katsu are so naturally sweet that they could very well qualify as desserts.

Alternatively, the cold sliced tomatoes ($3.80) work well as palate cleansers. If the Tonkatsu sauce and sesame dressing is not enough, there is also homemade curry sauce ($3) that is mildly sweet and definitely won't cause any internal combustion. 
Imakatsu's Premium Sake Tsukasa Botan Yama-Yuzu Shibori from Kochi's Prefecture. ($8 per glass/ $49.90 per bottle)
Tasting notes: Sweet and full of rich citrus flavour (alcohol 8%)

Get your cameras ready when the Piyo Piyo Minced Meat Cutlet ($9.80) is served as the egg yolk waits for no one unlike salted custard bun or molten lava cake. Delicious looking as it may look, the dish is bland and the seasoning comes from shoyu dip, which I wish could have been incorporated into the minced meat in the first place. 
More than just the usual pork cutlet, I think Imakatsu excels in a variety of deep fried dishes which helps it to cater to a wider audience. One can tell about the standards of the food here as majority of the customers are Japanese.

Towards the end of the meal, this bowl of pork cutlet katsu was accidentally served to us while it was supposed to be other customers' order. As I witnessed the tantalizing bowl of juicy pork and scrambled eggs being taken away from my table,

I noted secretly to myself that this would be the dish that I'll order next time. 
Imakatsu いまかつ
The Star Vista #01-17
1 Vista Exchange Green
Opening Hours : 11.30am-3pm // 6pm-10pm daily
Tel: 6694-6148
Nearest MRT: Buona Vista

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