Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lola's Cafe Singapore

The glut of cafes that opened in Singapore within the last year has left me in a spot of disconnectedness with the people who are actively involved in "cafe-hopping". So I did some research before heading to Lola's Cafe which was suggested by Ms K. Strangely, it seems like the entire nation is heading for the brunches instead of the dinners (perhaps the fetish for egg bens has yet to subside).

One of the most tried-and-tested dishes here is the Avocado Egg Bens ($15). Nothing much astonishing about this but the excellently toasted brioche was so crunchy and ideal for mopping up the mixture of runny egg and sweet salad dressing that collected on the plate.The Honey and Paprika Wings ($10)  were indeed so popular that customers who couldn't snap a seat, were ordering it for takeaway. Juicy and sweet, these chickens would definitely be even satisfying with more spice. 
dark chocolate tart with coffee cream ($5)
Earl Grey Tart ($5)
Black Tea Prune Brownie with Vanilla ice cream ($7)
The dark chocolate tart with coffee cream ($5) could be the best bet out of the three sweets we've had. Speckles of sea salt tempered the bittersweet cacao ganache within a thin chocolate tart shell, though I couldn't recall tasting baileys or espresso in the cream. Meanwhile, I failed to comprehend an Earl Grey Tart ($5) whose filling resembles mudflow. Not sure if it was intended to be of such loose consistency or to be curd-like as those of lemon meringue tarts. The Black Tea Prune Brownie with Vanilla ice cream ($7) might not win brownie points on its looks but the clever use of tea-soaked prunes injected another dimension of sweetness to an otherwise archetypical baked chocolate cake. 
Lola's Café 
5 Simon Rd, 545893
Brunch 10am-3pm
Snacks 3pm-6pm
Dinner 6pm-11.30pm

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