Sunday, September 14, 2014

Indochilli : Sweet Sambal

My image of Indonesia cuisine tends to overlap with Malaysian cuisine--a lot of Sambal, spices, rich gravy that contains coconut and that belachan that gives the dishes a very defining "shiok"-ness. After visiting Indochilli, I like to add an essential word to the list and that is "sweetness".

Gado Gado-vegetable 
As a spicy food lover with a sweet tooth, I love the fact that most of the dishes are not shy on the sugar which gives them more character.
For instance, the Chicken Satay Madura ($7.80 for 5 sticks) featured juicy charcoal-grilled chicken dressed in sweet peanut sauce.

However, I felt that the Tahu Telor ($8.80) and the Gado Gado ($6.80) could hold the sugar in tighter rein. That said, the omelette in the Tahu Telor was deep-fried till puffy, creating a delectable textural contrast with the beancurd and the dark luscious chunky peanuts. 

The first few mouthfuls of the Cah Kangkong ($8.80) were too salty, but somehow the spice and sourness began to emerge as we dig further down where a pool of red liquid could possibly dilute and balance the overall flavour. 
I had to restrain ordering anything too spicy since the little one has yet develop her tolerance for spicy food. So for families with kids, the ikan baker ($21.80)-- grilled fish in Indonesian sweet soy sauce, might be a safe option but do not that there is still hints of spiciness. It would be a bonus if the fish was fresher. 
We all loved the Sop Buntut ($14.80), a robust oxtail soup whose acidity can be managed with some squirts of lime and sambal belachan. Served with belinjo crackers or more commonly known as the Emping crackers.
If I were to pick a dish to have again, it would be this traditional Javanese Royal dish known as Tumpeng Mini ($9.80), not because of the delicious array of side ingredients, but because of the YELLOW rice which were exceptionally fragrant and moist. As I continue to lament at the shortage of such good Southeast Asian restaurants in Singapore, I have discovered an all-new love for Indonesian cuisine. All thanks to the sambal.

54 Zion Rd, Singapore 247779
Opposite Great World City
11.30am-10.30pm daily

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