Monday, August 11, 2014

Patisserie Acacier アカシエ : Rated No.1 in Saitama

Rose Blancmange Verrine
Rated as the No.1 Patisserie, Acacier is a Saitama-based pastry shop that debuted in 2007. Chef-owner is also a Saitama born who had training in France and many established restaurants such as Ginza LeCan.

As usual, I could not resist the gorgeous Rosé St Honore, which is not a far cry from Rue De Passy. I was overwhelmed by the sheer size as it was the largest "petite" gateau I've come across. The crisp pastry choux ring did not turn soggy and the rosé whipped cream and rose custard was elegant.

It was truly a delight to chance upon this Houjicha Meringue for Houjicha is often an under-utilized ingredient in pastries. However, the sugar level hit threshold level and I wished the chef could try this himself again. That said, the houjicha cream which had been perfumed with lemon was delectable. 
     興野燈シェフ Chef Okinoto      
Gateau Basque
There is something about Foret Noire that makes it pass or fail--the chocolate sponge. Fortunately, the chef transform this into a macaron and eliminates the possibility any disaster. Chantily cream on top of chocolate cream and fully soaked cherries--it's magic. 
I was skeptical about the chef's recommended item, Macademia Delice because isn't it just layers of biscuit jaconde sandwich with buttercream and two chocolate-coated macademia nuts? After taking a bite, I finally know why the chef can be so confident about this creation. Wafts of vanilla in the smooth, luscious buttercream and the coating of toasted macademia grinds serve to amplify the taste sensation. 

(right) "Souvenir" Gianduja Lemon Cream with Hazelnut Dacquoise  (left) "Royale" Earl Grey Napage, Earl Grey Cream, Earl Grey White Chocolate Ganache, Sable
Just like W.Bolero, this shop that is based outside Tokyo leaves me missing for the cakes once their temporary presence at the depachika ended. 

Patisserie Acacier アカシエ
〒330-0062 Saitama City, Urawa Ward, Nakacho 4-1-12 1F
10am-7pm Daily

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