Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Okada Coffee Singapore 岡田珈琲

This sure ain’t another hipster café in Singapore. 
Originated from Kumamoto Kyushu, this 68-year old Japanese coffee shop is not shy to hide its age with a warren of plain wooden beams and antiques in a dimly lit space. A totally different world from the bright and sleek shopping centre 100am, where it is located. 
For a moment, I thought I was transplanted back to one of the coffee shops in Shinjuku. But just like those places, do not expect much from the cakes which looked attractive on first glance but in fact, lifeless.  
I was tempted to try more than the Tomato cheesecake $6 but did not eventually to avoid disappointment. Not that it was bad but one can pretty much figure how other cakes taste since they are constructed with similar components found in this cake alone. Literally a cake of tomato+ cheese, the gummy-like red rubies were super-sweetened and taste nowhere like tomatoes but complements the rich rare cheese. The biscuit crust was stale while sponge has been zapped off moisture from the chiller.
Luckily, the place does a mean shot with the drinks. The Coffee Jelly Latte ($6.50) served with ice cream packed a bitter crema and did well without the copious amount of honey syrup served alongside. On the other hand, the Matcha Float  $7 was too sweet and masked the green tea flavor.  
More than just drinks and cakes, the place is also a restaurant serving Japanese style western food such as curry rice and surprisingly, plated desserts like parfaits. On our weekend afternoon visit, it is definitely less raucous than many other places. 

And this is good, because it encourages us to linger a little longer.

Okada Coffee 岡田珈琲
100am, 100 Tras St., #03-23. S’pore 079027
Mon-Sun 10.30am-10pm
Okada's facebook page here
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  1. 68 years is a long history for a F&B establishment. So they are known for the coffee or cakes in Japan?

  2. they are known for the coffee than cakes here, but compared to other coffee house, this maybe considered "middle-age" in japan( but definitely long if it's in Singapore). I haven't try this yet in Japan cos they only got 5 outlets and all of them are in Kumamoto Kyushu.


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