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Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais ルグドゥノム ブション リヨネ

For those who wish to find some good French or Italian cuisine in Japan, head to Kagurazaka, the sleepy town in the morning that turns into a bustling street at night. The rapid change of the facade within these years is unbelievable as western eateries invade the landscape and stand proudly with their Michelin-star. 
French Baguette (though it would be ideal if there is butter or olive oil)
One of the restaurants is Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnaise, which has just earned its first Michelin-star last year. We went for dinner and it was difficult to locate the shop amidst the dark alley. Though there was ala-carte menu, diners have to order a set each (entree+main/ entree+main+dessert) and so we obligedly followed the rules even though we were already half-full.

For the entrees:
The concept of the Snails "Eclair" Style is not much different from the croissants escargots at in Singapore but the taste is cleaner as it is accompanied only with Tomato, Basil and Garlic. However, the eclair pastry should spend more time in the oven.  

The Lyon Style Salad is the most popular entree and fully convinced us with the multiple textures and flavours. The cake of Pig Ears came not in the form of jellied terrines but triangular-shaped toasts that reminded of  hashbrowns. Not to forget the lovely poached egg. 

The Original Lyon Sausage Lugdunum Style Burger served with fruit tomatoes, were rightly seasoned. Even though they were dainty in sizes, they were no less substantial than the American burgers from Bubby's 

As the Paris Mushroom Cream soup and bacon pudding was unavailable that day, the staff recommended the white bean cream soup, which was thick and choked full of bean goodness.

 Snails "Eclair" Style

Lyon Style Salad with cake of Pig Ears

Original Lyon Sausage Lugdunum Style Burger

white bean cream soup
For the Mains:
The "Quenelles of Lyon, Mauricette's Mother Style, Nantua Sauce" contains a bunch of terms that are totally foreign to me. It's actually a baked dish of minced fish paste in seafood sauce (bechamel sauce incorporated with shrimp butter and cream). The sauce was lighter than the average white gratin sauce and went well with the rice served as a side.

Do note that some items marked with an * sign and this indicates the additional price to pay for ordering it as a set (every * sign=500 yen). For instance, the Panfried Scallops, braised endive, condiments and vanilla came at extra charge of 1000 yen. Nonetheless, the scallops were fresh and bouncy, except for the vanilla champagne sauce that was poured onto the dish ala minute.  
Quenelles of Lyon, Mauricette's Mother Style, Nantua Sauce
Quenelles of Lyon, Mauricette's Mother Style, Nantua Sauce
Panfried Scallops, braised endive, condiments and vanilla

Meat of the Day: Stew Wild Duck with Vegetables
Fish of the day: Kinmedai from Kyushu
 Hot Caraibes Chocolate tart with Milk & Pistachio Ice Cream
Galette De Rois
While we were already blown away by the delicious entrees and main courses, the desserts continued to mesmerize. They were simple desserts but very well-executed. We were told that the Hot Caraibes Chocolate tart was not to be eaten together with Milk & Pistachio Ice Cream in order to savour the full strength of the dark chocolate. 

As it was the birthday of a person I loved the most in this world, the restaurant turned our second dessert, Galette De Rois, into a mini birthday cake though it was strictly speaking, a pie. But who cares when the puff pastry that is baked till golden crisp with a semi-sweet almond filling taste so wonderful? 
Situated in Kagurazaka, this stellar French restaurant is definitely a notch above many others in busy shopping districts in Ginza, Omotesando, Shibuya or Shinjuku. It did remind me of the Lyon cuisine by Daniel Boulard but the pricing here is more assuring to your wallet.

Lugdunum Bouchon Lyonnais ルグドゥノム ブション リヨネ 
Ebiya Bldg. 1st fl., 4-3-7 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Tokyo 162-0825
11:30 am–3:30pm, 6pm–11:30pm
4min walk from JR Iidabashi Station West Exit or Tokyo Metro Iidabashi Station Exit B3
Closed on Mondays and every 1st and 3rd Tuesday
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