Friday, November 15, 2013

Wimbly Lu

Until now, I still do not know why this place is so popular. Ironically, the desserts did not impress even though Wimbly Lu is famous for them.  
 The Hazelnut Butterscotch Blondie ($4.50) was too dry and chalky with rancid untoasted nuts though the butterscotch sauce was rich and sweet. 
I don't understand the logic of molten lava cakes  $6without ice cream or creme anglaise sauce but I know some do. The version here is very rich, dense and luckily not too sweet. However, the cake texture was still dry as compared to Domino's or Morgansfield.  

The Chocolate Tofu Cake $6 did not taste anything of tofu but I guessed the ingredient blended into the mousse did help to give it a smooth, creamy texture. However, the biscuit base was stale and not crunchy as described by the staff. 

 With a crisp texture and some even noted a resemblance with cereal taste, the signature waffles with one scoop ice cream ($8.50) was the better ones that day. I wonder if the salted caramel ice cream came from Salted Caramel at Upp Thomson though. But it was too small a scoop for the size of the waffles.

Mediocre Cheese Toast Melts which can be skipped 

Another recommended item was the Chocolate Root Beer Cake $6. Think layers of root-beer-infused ganache intersecting with chocolate sponge. I like chocolate and root beer. But the combination of both tasted strange.
Blackout Cake $6

Bottomline, a cafe that is simply over-rated. Perhaps it is crowded because the seats are limited. My companions were generous to comment that the ambience was good, for instance the settings such as the red bricks tiled wall and lightings. But I tend to ignore ambience and focus on the food. Given the substandard quality of the chocolate desserts, I would not fancy a return. But do note this visit was in July 2013 and the food may have changed or improved.

Wimbly Lu
15-2 Jalan Riang
Singapore 358987

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